Dr. Martha Reed

Dr. Martha has overcame many of her own fears and limiting behaviors, embraced her intuitive gift as a psychic medium, left a very successful 20-year career in Corporate America to pursue her dream of opening a wellness center, co-authored 2 books, became an international speaker, publicly display the darkest days of her life and now currently in the middle of writing a children’s book to help others overcome the shadow side of life and learn to live in the light.

Many thought she was crazy leaving the security of her career so that she could pursue her dream to help others in a more holistic approach to health and happiness RIGHT in the middle of the recession (and between you and me, she thought she was crazy TOO)! But the nudge was far to strong, so scared to death, she leaped and the flight between then and now felt like an eternity as she prayed and prayed for those darn wings she was promised to arrive! And they did about - from the bottom! Good thing giving up was not an option!

Along the way she gathered lots of tools she thought she’d be needing to help dig herself out of the hole she was sure she was going to land face down in – just kidding – they weren’t really tools, they were more like modalities intended to help people just like her and you and ya probably ol’ what’s his name to overcome life’s emotional undercurrents, the ones that keep us stuck, repeating patterns, feeling unloved, unfulfilled and down right out of balance!

In addition to her degree in business, Martha holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), specializing in Holistic Life Counseling. She is a Spiritual Homeopath, Certified Hypnotherapist, a Transformational Life Coach and a Spiritual Counselor, working with energy medicine such as Psychosomatic Energetics, Homeopathy, Reiki, Crystal healing and Color Therapy. Dr. Martha has extensive experience in both internal and external relationship healing. She currently manages a successful business in the Arrowhead Ranch area of Glendale Arizona, and sees private clients daily via in-office, phone and Skype. She also hosts numerous group sessions on weight loss, stress-reduction and relaxation, and it the founder of the program “The Dragonfly Effect – Awaken Your Inner Warrior! (See the wings did show up)

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Program: Brighten Up

Brighten Up from the inside out! When you clear away negative energy residues like fear, worry and doubt, your natural spiritual power awakens. Infused with Reiki, Hypnotic Suggestion and Guided Visualization, “Brighten Up” helps on clear and cleanse the Chakras, creating a positive new identity using Color as Therapy.

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Program: Daydream

Daydream: Take a Mental Vacation as you enjoy a quiet ocean beach. The perfect way to unwind! This visualization clears the mind and can help to eliminate emotional confusion while cheering, uplifting, refreshing and rejuvenating. Helps to reduce Headaches, Migraines, Stress, Tension, Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.

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Program: Don’t Panic!

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Program: Forever Thin

Forever Thin is considered the missing link in traditional weight loss programs and can be used alone or to enhance a current weight loss program. Most weight loss programs focus on the physical aspect of the body. While this is important it only addresses 33% of the whole picture. Forever Thin is a guided imagery audio with powerful hypnotic suggestions designed to focus on the mind and emotion portion, creating permanent life changes. Audio may also be used as support for continuous weight management or for overall healthy eating habits.

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Program: Increase Your Self Esteem While you Sleep

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Program: Release Your Anxiety

Release Your Anxiety, tracks to listen to both for when you are awake and when you are asleep.

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Program: Releasing Negativity

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Program: Tranquility

As the sun sets and night falls, the star-filled night sky ushers in a serene and peaceful environment. This visualization helps one to relax, and can reduce Muscle Tension, Anxiety, Blood Pressure, Symptoms of Depression, Stress and Sleep Disorders.

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