Dr. Harry P.A Van De Water

Harry P.A. van de Water MD PhD MPH has been a medical doctor for over 40 years and a successful public health researcher for over 20 years. Presently he is living and working in Norway as a holistic medical doctor, hypnotherapist and inspirational speaker. His passion is to help people make better choices in life, choices that improve their health, wellbeing and hapiness.

Dr. van de Water, born in the Netherlands, holds a PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam, is Master of Public Health and epidemiologist. Around 200 publications appeared from his hands, covering a wide array of issues in health service research and epidemiology. Among other things he contributed to the development of health expectancy as a new international indicator for population health and was involved in the scientific evaluation of the Health for All targets by the year 2000 for WHO Europe.

After moving to Norway he worked from 2001 – 2014 as medical health officer at the Regional Board of Health in Trondheim, an organization responsible for the inspection of the quality of health care institutions and health care professionals. During his whole career he has been interested in and gained a lot of experience in alternative therapies. Since 2009 he also has a private practice in hypnotherapy and other holistic approches. In addition he likes to share his knowledge and experience to help people make better choices in life, amongst others through inspirational speaking.

Program: Avslapning og påfyll

Denne innspillingen vil på svært effektiv måte senke stressnivået ditt. Både fysisk og mentalt vil du oppleve en dyp avslapning . Og etter at du har blitt så avslappet, vil denne meditasjonen på en fantastisk måte gi deg påfyll med energi.
Dersom du regelmessig lytter til dette opptaket, påvirkes din fysiske og mentale helse positivt på varig måte.

Du vil også merke at du lettere og lettere klarer å håndtere stress.

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Program: Grounding and Activation

A Sound Healing meditation, with no words. Trickles and whorls of water, gongs, chimes and sounds of the earth enhance your meditation.

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Program: Ontspannen en bijtanken

Deze sessie geeft een zeer effectieve verlaging van je stressniveau. Zowel fysiek als mentaal ga je diep ontspannen. En als je in die ontspannen staat gekomen bent, dan helpt deze meditatie je om op een fantastische manier energie bij te tanken.

Als je deze sessie regelmatig doet, zal dat je lichamelijke en geestelijke gezondheid blijvend gunstig beinvloeden. Je zult dan ook merken dat je steeds beter met stress om kunt gaan.

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Program: Relax and Refuel

This session provides a very effective reduction of your stress level. Both physically and mentally you will experience to go in a deep relaxation. And when arrived in that relaxed state , this meditation helps you in a fantastic way to refuel with energy.

Listening to this tape on a regular basis, will influence your physical and mental health favorably and permanently. You will also notice that you easier and easier are able to handle stress.

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