Asoma Music

Asoma Music is a Canadian company that infuses the healing resonances of love, joy and compassion into its sound production. This results in rich, soothing tapestries with sound healing properties. In their solar-powered studio, they compose, produce, license and distribute beautiful healing music which serves the global family through film, television, yoga studios, spas, wellness centers and healing arts industries.

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Program: Song of the Sage

Before purchasing, please be aware that these sessions
are between 6 and 12 minutes apiece.

A music and spoken word blend to support, enhance and inspire the path of the Peaceful Warrior.

Universal Laws to guide our lives from The Laws of Spirit, written and read by Dan Millman, best-selling author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior, delivered through the musical landscapes of Asoma.

Join Dan Millman and Asoma on a musical journey as the author delivers timeless reminders of the laws on which our lives are founded. Song of the Sage succeeds in enhancing our lives and revealing the way to live with a peaceful heart and warrior spirit.

The depth, bulk, and importance of the spoken word teachings in Song of the Sage proposes subsequent listening, as one time through could not be sufficient for allowing them to sink in. We have intended this project as a tool for listeners to use and re-use – the hope and the goal is that the teachings will be gradually yet ultimately integrated into the day-to-day life of each listener.

Let the music take you into a state of serene reverie, wherein the sage’s wisdom can clear your mind, awaken your heart, and bring these teachings into your daily life.

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Program: Sound Healing Series

The sound healing properties inherent within Asoma Music coupled with the active conscious intentions of you, the
participant, creates an effective gateway and holds space for inspiration,
motivation, meditation, relaxation, release, peaceful inner-journeying.
This series is a powerful and reliable activator for your inner self to
create your new reality!

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