Garry D. Johnson

Director of Positive Changes Hypnosis Scarborough, Garry has a vision of hypnosis service that will be unrivaled with the highest quality of information that is not only educational, but also effective and practical. Designed for tomorrow’s challenges creating a revolution in the personal, business, health & spiritual growth for all who participate. Positive Changes programs are fun, exciting & rewarding ways to unlock the secrets of your success.

Garry D. Johnson, C.Ht., P.L.P., N.L.P.P, Ph.D., is recognized as one of North America’s number one trainers in the sciences of “Life Change Technologies.” Garry’s bright, confident and creative style of teaching is dedicated to delivering energetic, highly motivated and enthusiastic learning experiences. Students report professional, upbeat and interactive classes that set the standard by which other workshops will be judged.

Garry began his journey into mind technologies at the early age of 13 years old by performing his first group hypnosis session in the 8th grade. Continuing his study, search and practice until he was formally certified as an NLP practitioner, a Master Hypnotist and then as a Psycho-Linguistics Practitioner & Trainer. Adding to his holistic skills, he is also a Certified Level 1 Huna Practitioner. He has studied technologies that range from simple memory techniques, to The Silva Method and Subliminal Dynamics, to Kinesiology and EFT.

Program: Secrets to the Manifesting Mind

If you are consistently on the prowl for inside secrets, unique strategies and authentic ultramodern methods to improve all aspects of your life, then this set of audios is a must for your PRO library.

Visualize doubling or tripling your success rate while your bank account grows. You’re attracting more enriching relationships, the people and things you need to have the life you desire just come to YOU out of nowhere.

Imagine the feeling of knowing that you are always living on purpose, and effortlessly taking actions to achieve what you want in life. And it’s finally happening in the easiest most effortless ways.

Imagine what would happen if you had a proven success-making blueprint, designed specifically to unlock the other 90% of your mind’s power. What if you could get a forbidden glance at the secrets of the masters and understand their scientifically derived inside intelligence that would show you exactly how you can achieve and even surpass what they’ve achieved.

What if I told you that if you just spent 30 minutes per day (without interrupting ANY of your daily routines) in a relaxed sleep-like state, you would be achieving this new level of unconscious proficiency – from this day forward you would be consistently releasing the unseen forces and untapped resources within you, and immediately start to systematically produce extraordinary results in every area of your life. And to top it of, it will only take 30 minutes per day with Secrets to the Manifesting Mind.

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