Victoria Mogilner

Victoria Mogilner is a Rejuvenation Transformational Therapist and Acupuncturist trained by the Dali Lama’s physician, Dr. Dolma in Dharmasala, India.

She owns Victoria Mogilner Rejuvenation Center in Scottsdale and gives retreats at The Other Way in Cave Creek, Arizona and Hawaii. She is the author of ‘Ancient Secrets’ of Facial Rejuvenation and the producer of “Tai Chi on the Rocks,” a DVD on Tai Chi filmed in Sedona, Arizona.

She is available for contact at, 480-663-8208, or click here to visit her website.

Program: Rejuvenate with Chakra Meditation

Meditation is relaxation-conscious relaxation, chosen relaxation. Focusing completely on our breathing takes our minds away from the “mind clutter” that constantly tries to invade our mind and eliminate feelings that will lead to a time of calm. With repeated effort the goal of clearing your mind – to think of nothing, does occur and the process of meditation takes on its own energy. The result is peace, serenity, and calmness, eventually opening yourself to new insights.

Our bodies have sensitive areas that are filled with energy and are the focal points of emotions, feelings, intuition and insight. These energy points are called Chakras. Each Chakra possesses its own characteristics and unique properties. To learn more about your Chakras and become more aware and conscious of their functions, use these meditations. It will help you focus your mind and body as you work to discover how your Chakras serve you and how to best use them as guides in everyday life.

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