Marjorie Miles, DCH, MFT

For four years, Marjorie worked as a crisis counselor at residential treatment centers serving troubled adolescents and their families. She later decided to focus on prevention rather than crisis intervention, and she became a psychology professor. During that time, she earned a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Approximately 10 years later after being promoted to a senior professor position, Marjorie felt stuck in her life and felt the joy and passion ebbing from daily activities.

A simple flier arrived in the mail one day and proved life-changing. It announced the first Certified Spiritual Counselor program, offered by noted author and metaphysical psychologist, Doreen Virtue. As Marjorie began to listen to her inner guidance, she started receiving information regarding her next career step.

Today Journey of Your Dreams and its mission to provide integrated mind/body/spirit services for a happier, healthier, and abundant life is a reality!

Program: Release Stress and Rejuvenate

Optimize your listening experience by experimenting with different times and situations in which you play these sessions:

    ~ Upon awakening in the morning to set your intention to have a tranquil, balanced; and focused day.

    ~ Arriving 10 minutes early at your workplace or designated appointments to experience the rejuvenation of a power nap.

    ~ Give yourself the rejuvenation of a mid-day break.

    ~ At the end of the day’s activities enjoy a few minutes of transition and revitalization time before re-entering your home.

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