Paul Lloyd Warner

A prolific composer, Paul has an infinite range of mood, imagery, feeling and sensitivity, and a tremendous palette of musical instruments. His music ranges from the most barely audible tones of a harp all the way to full symphonic scores.

His music is non-rhythmic, a very important aspect of healing music, and he has been recognized as one of America’s foremost composers of music for health and spiritual renewal.

Program: An American Symphony Series

An AMERICAN SYMPHONY is a celebration of hope and a passionate affirmation for the environment. Paul Lloyd Warner’s music is highly poetic and profoundly moving. As such, this symphony is a work of rare beauty, expressing the composer’s deep soul communion with nature and his love for America’s natural beauty.

All of the compositions in An AMERICAN SYMPHONY are recorded “LIVE” in nature. Arriving at selected points in wilderness settings throughout the western United States, Paul Lloyd Warner recorded this unparalleled work of musical inspiration using a mobile digital recording studio.

This music was played on multiple keyboards simultaneously and recorded exactly as you hear it, without any additional overlays, sequencing or multi-tracking.

The beauty all around him inspired Paul to record “live” without internal editing. Playing the role of composer, performer, conductor and recording engineer, he achieved seamless transitions from moment to moment.

The artist chose locations in some of the most beautiful National Parks: Yosemite, Zion, the Grand Canyon, including wilderness points in the Great Northwest, Monterey Bay, Rocky Mountains and more.

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Program: Piano In Paradise Series

This music was created to help listeners in their healing process. Paul Lloyd Warner states: “At the time of this recording, I did not know I was making a CD album; it was simply a recording for a friend who was in need of some peaceful music. While playing the music, I realized that it was me, the artist, who was being healed by these sounds.”

The music is performed on an electronic keyboard with piano and soft ethereal strings in the background. What you hear is exactly what was recorded “Live” with no multi-tracking, sequencing, or over-dubbing.

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Program: Symphony for Humanity Series

Symphony for Humanity is a work of profound artistry and love. It opens the door to a new musical genre: progressive classical music. The fusion of classical & new age music combines the musical form, melodic and harmonic elements of classical music with the pure, serene, healing qualities of uplifting, relaxing, and spiritual music.

The Symphony for Humanity appeals to the noblest instincts in humanity by revealing music that is positively evocative, pure and good in life; a music that opens listeners’ hearts to natural beauty at its highest expression.

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Program: The River Series

THE RIVER is one of those exquisite meditation and healing albums that is so peaceful, yet inspiring. The music is both Western and Asian in style, yet the feel of the compositions is pure, clear and ever flowing. THE RIVER is scored for harps and the Japanese Bamboo Flute known as the SHAKUHACHI. The music was composed and recorded as a meditation.

Paul Lloyd Warner visited a private Asian style garden at a home in Southern California. It was such a beautiful location with a small pond surrounded by rare sub-tropical trees and flowers. This CD re-creates that experience.

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Program: Water Lily Series

WATER LILIES is a pure Solo Harp CD that is restful and filled with beautiful soft melodies. Paul Lloyd Warner composed and recorded this exceptional music under very unusual circumstances. A friend told him that her aunt who lived near Paris was very ill. She requested that Paul compose some music for healing.

This CD is perfect for relaxation, creativity, meditation and serenity. Water Lilies is a melodious creation and brings forth feelings of beauty and peace. This music was performed on an electronic keyboard with a state-of-the-art harp sample.

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Program: Zen Waterfall Series

The first known recording for Piano and Japanese Bamboo Flute (Shakuhachi), ZEN WATRFALL remains a meditation music classic that was recorded by Paul Lloyd Warner and Eliot Joshu in 1977. In Japanese culture, there is a sacred and honored tradition for the Shakuhachi. The revered makers of these traditional instruments cure hand-picked bamboo for several years until they are ripe and ready to fashion into a five hole flute.

The piano played in this recording is a handmade GROTRIAN piano from Germany. The combination of an exquisite European Grand Piano and haunting Shakuhachi instruments make ZEN WATERFALL one of the most beautiful meditation albums of our time.

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