Wade Pearse

Wade Pearse has spent the past 17 years in personal development and peak performance training. He is a Master Practitioner & an Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer.

What does this have to do with golf? Everything! He moved from his native Canada to Melbourne, Australia where he set up a training company to teach the advanced applications of human excellence to athletes, CEOs, psychologists, and other coaches. At the same time, Wade pursued his passion for golf.

From being completely self-taught, using his own cutting-edge methods, he went from a novice to a 3 handicap. Wade spent almost 10 years perfecting a golf mental game coaching system by working in the real world with players of all handicap and skill levels. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. His students affectionately call him The Golf Whisperer.

His completely original mental game coaching program is known as ‘The Golf Whisperer Method’. It is a complete mental game training course. It comes with written training material, DVDs and a series of one-on-one audio coaching sessions. It is these audio sessions that come loaded in the TGI Pro!

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Program: Golf Series

Have you ever stepped onto the first tee with your heart racing, and your mind scattered all over the place? Do you ever get angry while golfing and lose strokes? Do you get nervous and perform worse than you want to under pressure? Have you ever experienced performance anxiety or an inability to focus while on the golf course? If you’re ready to shoot the lowest scores of your life, and eliminate ALL of these crippling mental ailments, then you’re ready for the Golf Mental Game Mastery series.

WARNING: This series is not to be used by any golfer not ready to shoot their personal best scores this season!

The Mental Game Mastery Series is a true breakthrough golf mental game coaching program. Each session includes audio, video and an e-book. The audio, video and e-book combine to dial in your golf mind and make playing your best unconscious and effortless.

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