Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin creates music to support the hearts and souls of those going through the challenging transitions of life. His business has since grown into a media publishing company that features an astonishing array of known and unknown visionaries of the world delivered in an unforgettable way.

Gary Malkin is a seven time Emmy and ASCAP award-winning composer, producer and recording artist dedicated to making a difference in the world by creating music-driven media and experiences that inspire the heart and catalyze individual and societal healing. He is a dynamic “keynote performer”, passionately speaking and performing on the vital role music and the media can serve as a messenger of an inclusive spirituality throughout our culture’s institutions. Gary is the co-creator of the internationally acclaimed book and CD set, Graceful Passages, which creates innovative ways to experience spoken messages from the world’s known and unknown visionaries so that we might live our lives with more mindfulness and compassion. He is the founder, along with co-author Michael Stillwater, of a non-profit organization, Companion Arts, dedicated to integrating the values of a broad spirituality into our health care systems through provider-focused educational programs and resources called Care for the Journey.

Gary is also proud to have served as the Artistic Director for the Quest for Global Healing Conferences, featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other Nobel Laureates, in Bali, Indonesia. He was also asked to serve as Artistic Director for the Noetic Sciences International Conference on Health and Consciousness, weaving arts and performances throughout. Gary was the producer of a 2006 Middle Eastern Peace Concert, Music Heals, in San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral to a capacity audience, peacefully bringing together musicians representing Muslim, Christian and Jewish religions from all over the embattled region. Throughout his thirty-year career, he has consistently worked on socially responsible media projects. He just produced the music for the groundbreaking Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium’s media, created by Lynne and Bill Twist’s Pachamama Alliance, dedicated to empower people to take greater responsibility for the planet’s ecological and spiritual well-being. In May of 2008, he was asked by TED Curator, Chris Anderson, to create the theme for the international media phenomenon, Pangea Day. More recently, he performed on the stage of the Great Hall of China as the only American in an intercultural, nationally televised program that aired during the Olympics, (in China) featuring the concept of music as a healing force.

He and his team are currently working towards reinventing the way in which digital media can serve as a delivery system for inspiring messages from the world’s spiritual and humanitarian leaders. Through his performances, presentations and recordings, he is committed to promoting a greater understanding of the power of music and the media arts as a potential source of integration for body, mind, spirit and heart. His websites are,, and

Program: Care for the Journey

Care for the Journey is a platform for innovations which support sustainability in healthcare. Developed as an audio-based educational resource for professionals currently in practice, it is also applicable for medical nursing schools.

Those who serve in the multi-faceted world of healthcare are challenged in ways unimaginable to anyone outside this arena. Entrusted by society with the task of mending the body and mind, often under great duress, a practitioner is asked to provide hope and encouragement in the face of illness and the inevitable passage of death. In order to cope with a rising stream of patients in a shrinking window of time, he or she may become increasingly more detached, a seemingly necessary solution for sanity and survival.

Care for the Journey is a beautiful collage of spoken messages from leaders in compassionate care supported by original scored music by Gary Malkin. It is used by health professionals and healing practitioners as a continuing education tool and for inspirational self-renewal.

Featuring Gary Malkin, Michael Stillwater, Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, Christina Puchalski, MD, Jean Watson, RN, PhD, Angeles Arrien, PhD,Joan Borysenko, PhD, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Tom Lant, PhD, RN, Naomi Judd, RN, Jeremy Geffen, RN, Christine Northrop, MD, Ira Byock, MD, Angeles Arrien, PhD, and Rachel Naomi Remen, PhD. and other leading experts in medicine, spirituality and psychology.

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Program: Care for the Journey ~ Learning Edition

The Learning Edition is the newest audio resource of Companion Arts Care For The Journey program, which uses arts to provide stellar education/enrichment programs for health-care professionals and caregivers. Given the widespread success of its initial volume (Care For the Journey: Messages & Music for Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare) the new Care For The Journey: The Learning Edition (Volume 2) lives up to high expectations as it provides rich daily insights and practical wisdom in easily-assimilated, musically-enriched moments. Like its predecessor, The Learning Edition is both a source of inspiration and a quick, easily-assessable remedy for the stress of an unusually hectic workday. Acclaimed health-care speakers and other leaders provide spoken messages amidst a wonderful musical backdrop provided by Gary Malkin, a multiple Emmy Award winner. Speakers include: Rachel Naomi Remen, MD: Jean Watson, PhD, RN; Jeremy Geffen, MD; Angeles Arrien, PhD; Joan Borysenko, PhD; Christiane Northrup, MD; Christina Puchalski, MD and others. Care For The Journey: The Learning Edition is an exceptional gift for health-care and healing professionals.

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Program: Exhale

You are about to experience a beautiful journey inside your heart, mind and soul. Gary Malkin is your guide as he welcomes you to the sound sanctuaries integrated wellness program, Exhale. You will experience the healing power of his music, delivered by Opto-Audio™ technology. The music you are about to hear has been created so you can relax, slow down, and stop the world for a few moments, as you open your ability to heal yourself simply through the mystery of music and sound. With your eyes closed, let the lights and sounds transport you into the beauty that is you. As you relax and breathe, allow yourself to experience gratitude for the very preciousness of this life. Allow the music to wash over you, as you affirm the fulfillment of your deepest dreams and your optimal health. Relax, listen and let go.

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Program: Gary Malkin Medley

Medley of Gary’s tunes

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Program: Graceful Passages Series

Graceful passages blends music and the spoken word in a new way that creates a touching and luminous audio experience. Acclaimed world-wide, this series has helped thousands of people come to terms with loss and death as a part of life. Widely used in home, hospice, and palliative-care settings, it opens a way to talk about life and death, forgiveness, and acceptance. It’s wisdom guides patients, family members, and caregivers to open to the process of letting go and being in the now. Through life-affirming music and messages from celebrated spiritual thinkers from a variety of traditions, Graceful Passages guides you to examine what matters most, transforming fear and pain into a pathway for healing, compassion, and understanding.

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Program: Om of the Goddess

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Program: Unspeakable Grace

The stunning instrumental, Unspeakable Grace, features music from Graceful Passages without the spoken messages, including an additional choral chant, “Benedictus”. The music was created as an essential musical companion for the up-coming New World Library edition of Graceful Passages, and makes the perfect gift for those who would like to introduce the instrumental music of Graceful Passages to friends and family. Unspeakable Grace, creating a compassionate environment for healing and deep relaxation, supports the experience of “sacred space” wherever you are.

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Program: Winter Faith

Envelope yourself in the comtemplative piano improvisations of Gary
Malkin. WinterFaith (2005) creates a sacred, healing environment for rest and introspection.

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