Donna Aazura, C.Ht

Donna Aazura is widely recognized for her knowledge and gifts as a teacher and leader of new consciousness. Recently Donna founded the New Human Project dedicated to authentic enlightened transformation. She sees a world where compassion and truthful connection lead to the certainty of limitless human potential.

In 1986 Donna overcame her own serious health challenges by changing herself through expanding her own consciousness. After experiencing this transformation first-hand, it became Donnas’ mission to assist others to achieve life mastery. A gifted teacher and facilitator, Donna has created and presented national seminars since 1991. She became a medical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and continued studying other alternative, consciousness-expanding modalities.

Drawing on all her experience and guidance Donna developed the Quantum Belief Release system (QBR) to assist people to instantly release the limiting programming that they have previously held as true. With QBR clients effortlessly adopt supportive beliefs and live with more authenticity and certainty.

Donna is also the author of Global Theta Meditation; one mind, one purpose….World Peace CD. This CD was created in collaboration with internationally recognized musician Sue Scudder. This CD’s intent is to facilitate the creation of personal peace that then expands throughout our world.

Program: Global Theta Meditation

This is the first in a series, Donna Aazura and Sue Scudder’s, Global Theta® Meditation. The intention of this meditation session is to create compassion and a unified purpose toward world harmony. The guided meditation will be used to connect globally at designated times in a collective movement for WORLD PEACE.

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