Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

Featured as an expert in films, print, television, and radio, Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D., DD, is the author of the amazing books, “Return to the Sacred,” and “Your Spiritual Personality”. He is the Spiritual Program Director for the internationally acclaimed Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Ellerby has over twenty years of experience in the fields of holistic healing, spiritual counseling, integrative medicine, and corporate consulting. Drawing from his PhD in comparative religion, and his extensive travels meeting with and learning from the world’s leading healers and teachers in more than forty cultures around the world, Dr Ellerby makes spirituality simple and every day inspired.

The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Ellerby is one of the most credible and accessible personalities today. He has demonstrated his ability to help people of all backgrounds bring real change and vitality to everyday life. Dr. Ellerby uses his unique and timeless spiritual tools, alternative healing, and modern psychology to provide a simple process to understand and easy to apply.

Dr. Ellerby and the creators of Guided Meditation technology have joined together to create these powerful and enlightening sessions. Sit back, relax and discover the possibilities of renewing your body as well as your mind.

“I cannot stress enough how much I have come to feel that programs with guided meditation technology are exactly what most people need today. The combination of education and the functional use of music and brain state science is the advantage people will need as they work to manage their busy lives, break habits, and make great changes in health and peace of mind. The momentum of the outside word is not to be underestimated, and this meditation device offers an antidote and an advantage that would help virtually anyone.” ~ Rev Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

Program: Rise and Rest Meditation Series

Dr. Ellerby has created these powerful and enlightening sessions.

Rise and Rest are ideal for reducing stress in the morning and in the evening. Sit back, relax and discover the possibilities of renewing your body as well as your mind.

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Program: Transform Stress & Difficult Times

This series is a collection of simple practices, stories and reflections to help you manage stress, difficult times and even create a new balance in your life. Each exercise is short and easy to apply. Each session is meant to be used as needed and in whatever order serves you best. Some sessions will provide good food for thought, while others will become daily tools. Find which ones work best for you and make a commitment to use them often!

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