Andre Panet-Raymond

Andre started his teaching career 20 years ago in Sarasota, Florida. In 2003, Andre became one of the few PGA Master Teaching Professionals in the country. Andre has an extensive background in psychology and was one of the four developers of the first authentic Golf IQ. He delivered information extracted from his research to PGA professionals from around the country when he was an educator for the PGA of America. Andre’s PGA awards include Junior Golf Leader, Teacher of the Year (2 times), Horton Smith (for education) and The Bill Strausbaugh Award (integrity, character, and distinguished service).

Andre has been grouped with World Hall of Fame Teacher, Bob Toski and the coach to Tiger Woods, Hank Haney, when he was selected as one of the top 50 Teachers in America by Golf Range Magazine. Andre is also recognized as one of America’s Top 50 Teachers in the country for children by USKids Golf.

Aside from knowing how to teach the golf swing, Andre is known by elite golfers as a mind/body golf guru. National champions that Andre coaches for the mental game include Mike Bell, 2006 United States Senior Amateur Champion, and Domenico Geminiani, the #1 ranked junior in USA and Italy. Geminiani,14, is the youngest player to ever play on the European tour (The Italian Open, 2010).

Program: A Master

Golfers who recognize the importance of always improving concentration, tolerating stress, and increasing confidence will love this golf mental game guide. Experience yourself more relaxed, with your short putts, smoother and better distance control with your chipping, and with more confidence during thirty yard pitch shots. Feel the focal power that you direct toward a specific target with undivided attention. With ease, you can create confidence at will. Experience “Conscious Confidence”, a well understood technique that physically strengthens your body for several moments while you perform. Feel your driver swing with great tempo as you visualize yourself piping it down the fairway.

Master ten golf mental game skills. We know that there are three core skills that ultimately answer all golf mental game questions. These are the skills of Confidence, Focus, and the ability to Tolerate Stress. This core skill set is impacted by the other seven skills which include: Acceptance, Patience, Anger, Belief, Perception, Ownership, and Optimism. This golf mental game guide walks you through the eight creative visualization journeys methodically. The ten golf mental game skills were derived from scientific testing and measuring. Data reveals that these ten specific skills positively make up more than 90% of your golf mental game. We have taken out the guess work. Elevate your golf mental game. Enjoy the ride!

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