Deborah Troeger

Deborah Troeger, BS, MA, CCHT is a counselor and clinical hypnotherapist and has been working with men, women and children since 2000. After being in corporate America for twelve years she felt “called” to go back to school and get her master in counseling. She Graduated from Colorado Christian University. Her passion is helping individuals identify and overcome obstacles keeping them from living out their dreams.

She specializes in Weight Loss and all the emotional issues that go along with it. She has successfully helped her clients build self-esteem, self acceptance, confidence, overcome emotional eating, changing habits, and developing boundaries. By helping people change their thinking patterns they can change their relationships with themselves, others and food. Deborah has helped many people step out of their self imposed prison and into a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Program: Grief In Perspective Series

This series was designed to assist those who are experiencing the emotional turmoil of grief. It will help you to cope with the broad spectrum of emotions that are experienced in grief by allowing acceptance of these feelings and then releasing them. This series gives support to those suffering from grief so they may start taking care of themselves by saying yes to things that are uplifting and permission to say no to persons and situations that are a barrier to their healing. This will help you to understand the importance of forgiveness and the freedom it brings – what it is and is not. It will help you to realize it’s okay to accept the grief and the feelings you are experiencing and allow yourself to feel all the emotions surrounding your grief. This will ultimately restore hope, a thankful heart and a new passion for life.

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Program: You-Nique Weight Loss

This program is truly unique in that it focuses on the elements affecting weight loss. In fact it has a lot to do with what we think. In this process we will examine – Negative Beliefs – you are today because of what you thought about yesterday and who you are today will be determined by what you do and think about today. We’ll address the self-talk and beliefs you have about yourself. You may not be consciously aware of the many things you have subconsciously determined about yourself. We’ll discover the hidden destructive beliefs that keep you from achieving your goals and dreams. Exercise – the body was meant to move and it feels better when it’s moving. Live again – it’s time to dream again, rediscover lost passions, take up new hobbies, or do something you always wanted to do. As you begin to live again, food becomes less a source of entertainment and pleasure.

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