Brenda Wade PhD

Dr.Brenda Wade is a psychologist and author of Power Choices: 7 Signposts on Your Journey to Wholeness, Joy, Love and Peace, coauthor of Love Lessons and What Mama Couldn’t Tell Us About Love.

She is known nationally as the host of the television show Can This Marriage Be Saved. She has appeared in primetime with Peter Jennings, Good Morning America and Oprah. She is a featured writer for Essence Magazine, and is a sought-after national speaker with a thriving practice in San Fransisco, California.

Watch Dr. Wade at the Talks at Google” as she discusses the mind-body connection and dealing with negative thoughts. (Dr. Wade appears 26 minutes into the talk.)

Program: How to Break Through Depression

Perhaps you are familiar with Dr. Brenda Wade and have seen her on the Oprah show, CNN, Good Morning America or the Today Show. She has spent much of her time in the media writing books and magazine articles and her life purpose is to call us home to this awareness in our own hearts that we are not separate from one another. We are not separate from that which connects all of life. Whatever you call that energy, that light, that love – we cannot be separate. She is speaking to you in this 12-part series about a subject that sounds a little scary and has a lot of negative stigma attached to it – Depression. The purpose of this series is to explain what depression is, what causes it, and how to deal with it.

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Program: Power Choices Guided Meditation

This guided meditation relaxes, restores, energizes and helps us to move through emotional or mental blocks that have kept us from living the life we desire. By releasing these blocks, we are free to envision, decree and create a life of victory and success.

The beautiful music of Kathleen Ryan enhances the effectiveness of these meditations.

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Program: You Are Love

most people, you have experienced heartbreak and heartache; and your beautiful,
powerful heart wanting to close, wanting to shut down so that you can be safe,
safe from the risk, safe from the possibility of ever having your heart hurt
again. It’s not possible to live with a closed heart. There is something in us
that is beyond our conscious control, the thing that makes each of us human, and
it’s that compelling energy of the Divine, God, the Universe, the Light; that
part of us insists that we learn to open our hearts. It’s only when our hearts
are open that we can actually experience our true nature, experience ourselves
as the most powerful, the most beautiful beings that we can each be. When we
close our hearts, we cut off the flow of our life force, our life essences,
our nature, you can’t run from it. Choose to stand for love, before you lose the
chance in this lifetime; the chance to experience fully, powerfully, and
courageously who you truly are: you are love.

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