Jeffrey Howard

Jeffrey Howard is the CEO and Founder of Among his talents, Jeffrey is an author, international speaker, life and business coach, musician and composer. He is also a dedicated single Dad with four energetic boys.

His unique and proprietary MasterMind Enhancement Music process blends special music compositions with rhythmic voicing techniques to allow the mind to open to receive and rapidly embed new information.

Program: Creating Sustainable Success in Network Marketing – The Mindset Series

Discover how you can jump-start your success in network marketing and direct selling
by rewiring your brain to be in the right mindset for success and for taking the
right actions to create the business and lifestyle that you really want.

Creating success in network marketing and direct selling requires focus. Without the proper training and right mindset, even massive action will only lead you in the wrong direction.

In this mindset series specifically crafted for the network marketing and direct selling industry, you will discover a new, faster way to achieve success, first through developing the right mindset and then by taking the right actions.

Jeffrey Howard, master business coach and strategist, author and composer, has achieved high levels of success as an entrepreneur, including creating 5-figure per month incomes in four different network marketing companies. His fascination with the brain and how it works led him to creating his popular mindset series “Being in the Zone” and he has now created a series especially for the network marketer and direct seller called Creating Sustainable Success in Network Marketing – The Mindset Series.

Relax into a comfortable, highly focused state, while the sound and light technology, specially-composed music and mind-shifting content allows you to embed powerful new strategies and tools while you “rewire” your brain for success in your network marketing or direct selling business.

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Program: In the Zone

Jeffrey Howard takes you on a magnificent journey connecting with your greatest resource – your wondrous and amazing mind. You are taken to powerful places for you to explore – the inner depths of your mind, as you are gently guided into the various states of being in the zone. You let go of frustrations, worries and sense of distraction, as you focus on your breath and the sound of his voice, while allowing the music, sound and light technology of these TGI sessions to guide you into a new state of focused awareness – your ideal brain wave state for this creative visualization experience.

In this deep state of focused relaxation, you open your mind to new ideas and concepts, as you choose to let go of limiting thoughts, limiting beliefs and actions you have carried with you from the past. You are integrating the knowledge and feelings of your process and are ready to take these new steps in your life with infinite possibilities. You stay completely aware and follow the trail as new ideas and thoughts develop in your mind about how to be more productive with you time, energy and your personal genius. Your brain is able to store and process more information faster than the most powerful super computer and you can call on this genius at will anytime you choose and know you will have the answers that you seek.

Give yourself this gift of inner peace and special time for you that you deserve. Take this time for you to rejuvenate, heal, recharge and energize your body, your mind, your health and wellbeing. Breathe deeply into the music and allow it to permeate into your being. At the end of your journey, you return to your fully conscious awake state and enter back into room awareness. Your journey has embedded your mind with new thoughts, new ideas and new concepts and created a shift in your life.

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Program: The Law of Attraction Action Pack Series

This program is designed for relaxation and using the energy of the mind to attract our dream life. It is recommended that prior to your affirmation session, you spend several minutes relaxing to clear your mind and be in a totally relaxed and receptive state to receive the subliminal messages of these affirmations. The empowering and inspirational MasterMind Enhancement Music compositions create the environment for your relaxation. Using affirmations, you implant the affirmation into the subconscious mind and become an open channel to receive the abundant energy of a loving Universe. An idea held firmly in the conscious mind will receive the attention of the subconscious and then bring it into manifestation.

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