Darren Jacklin

Meet Darren Jacklin

World-Class Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Angel Investor

For over 19 years, Darren Jacklin has traveled four continents and over 40
countries mentoring entrepreneurs and business owners on specific and
measurable strategies that they can consistently use to increase their
income, transform their obstacles into cash flow and turn their passion
into profits.

His uncanny ability to increase wealth and success by uncovering hidden
assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities has
captured the attention of Tiger 21, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo
Finance, NBC TV, CBS TV, Global TV international radio stations, magazines
and newspapers, movie producers, best-selling authors, CEOs and business
experts worldwide.

Darren Jacklin currently sits on paid international boards of directors of
public companies and advisory boards. Darren has personally trained over 150 Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Black & Decker, Barclays Bank, as well as high school, college, university students and professional athletes and has connected with people in more than 126 countries.

Program: Master Plan Your Life Series

Master Planning for Life is about your own personal life journey. Deep inside your heart and soul, you have a purpose, dreams, visions and callings that you would love to bring into reality. Along your journey of creating your dreams you will run into occasional mental, emotional or even physical roadblocks that will slow you down or even stop you. These roadblocks, obstacles can arise from not having your life organized. By listening to these Master Planning for Life sessions on a consistent basis you will begin to mentally chart out your destiny through your life. You will be assisted on your journey and help you fulfill what is most important to your own heart and soul.

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