Jeffrey Patnaude

Jeffrey Patnaude draws upon his marvelous childhood experience in the Hudson River Valley to become one of the most prolific and impactful children’s book authors of the next decade. Already recognized internationally as an author, teacher and mentor in the world of commerce, Patnaude now has turned his attention to his final career of teaching children through today’s newest technology. Certified as a secondary school teacher at the age of 20 and ordained as an Episcopal priest at 24, he went on to create a youth summer camp now in it’s 35th year of success, wrote 3 stage musicals for high school youth and established The Wingspan Foundation, a non-profit organization for teaching 7th – 8th grade students the power of Transformational Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Jeffrey Patnaude, founder of the international training company, The Patnaude Group Inc., writes with a purpose and provides a lesson for each parent and child who experience his work. Remaining full time in developing servant leadership in the world of business, he lives on his farm in Virginia with his horse, donkey, goats, Alpaca, sheep, chickens and 3 dogs, all of whom teach him life lessons each day. He is the father of two daughters, Julie and Laura and partnered with his enduring love, Susan.

Program: Troubling Issues For The Growing Child

The first book was inspired by the act of a 10 – year old boy who swept the kitchen as part of his daily chores. His disposal one day included 3 pennies that inadvertently had fallen on the floor. When asked by his mother, “Why would you throw money into the trash?”, he responded, “Mom, they are only pennies!” Hearing that story, it was then that Jeff Patnaude became compelled to write a children’s book series about a penny and the value that even the smallest of coins contributes. “Penny” is a counting book on addition, the first of a four-part series in the education of young children in the area of financial literacy.

“Penny” not only captures children’s imagination and enjoyment for mathematics, but also encourages beginning a pathway toward responsible stewardship. The book has a simple yet significant lesson for all ages; a penny “saved” is a penny earned.

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