Pauline Victoria

Pauline Victoria is an Inspirational Thought Leader that offers transformational perspectives based on her unique experiences as a woman born without arms and legs. Through her life, you see beyond the obvious limitations that her physical body represents and you take notice of her strength and her complete, whole spirit. Her visible disabilities create a space in which others can explore their invisible obstacles that stop them from truly living a life they desire. She understands that her very different body stirs up curiosity and amazement, but she also truly believes that what you see in her already exists in you. She is a reflection awakening your strength, your spirit and your power. She inspires and transforms by her very being. Beyond words, beyond actions, Pauline Victoria is inspiration.

Program: Your Identity Beyond Your Disability

The goal of this program is to help you go beyond your limitations to achieve the life you choose. You can discover an amazing identity beyond your disability by letting go of the fears, limitations and self-pity associated with your disability. As you release the limited mindset you were holding on to, you step into a world of infinite possibilities and allow yourself to discover your true identity. You are not a victim of circumstance; you now get to create who you are not based on what others say you can or cannot do. You can do and have anything you desire as long as you believe you can. You now make the choice to believe you can. Your true identity lies in the essence of your Spirit and your Spirit is whole and complete. You are a beautiful Spirit that is defined by the qualities you were divinely gifted with.

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