Belanie Dishong

Belanie Dishong, Founder and CEO of Live At Choice and Live At Choice Media, an accomplished author, motivational keynote speaker, course leader, personal development coach and radio talk show host. Belanie is an expert on the topic of choice.

For over 17 years, she has led thousands of individuals in experiential effectiveness workshops and courses resulting in greater performance, finding and living purpose and dreams. It has become Belanie’s life work to help others achieve extraordinary things. She has an amazing ability to connect your mind with your heart in such a way that you break through the barriers which inhibit living your greatness. Belanie is known for her unique intuitive ability to impact the lives of people of all ages, cultures, beliefs, backgrounds and improve the quality of life. She is also recognized for her work in the deaf communities, restoring families, relationships, personal and professional effectiveness. She teaches others how to take an idea, a desire, and or a dream, become free of their limitations and reach sought after goals.

Belanie is an inspiration and her visionary attitude is captivating and amazing to experience. It is moving to watch as she brings out the peace, love and joy from the hearts of every person she touches. Lives are changed, dreams are realized, limitations are lifted, and people become empowered at their core. It’s the power of choice and she is an expert!

Program: A Loving Life

A Loving Life takes in all aspect of your life. It is about coming to know love in a whole new way. When you can connect with love thought the connection of your head and your heart you will come to truly live A Loving Life. You surpass limiting concepts about love and create a life of love regardless to your circumstances.

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Program: An Introduction

Belanie unravels the secrets of FMP, also known as Frequency Matching Predisposition. She explains how you can use this wonderful science to help improve many quality of life issues, and then gives you a sample.

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Program: Great Day

Programs to help you wake up, get ready for bed, and to put you back to sleep.

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Program: Manifesting a New Perspective ~ Live the Life You Desire

The interesting thing about perspective is that you cannot see life in any way other than through your own perspective. Said another way, your perspective actually determines how your life is experienced. In order to have different experiences in life, reach new goals, attract what you desire in life, your perspective must be totally aligned with the desired outcome. Your perspective is nothing more that your belief system. Manifesting a New Perspective is an inside job. Your perspective can only be changed from the inside out. There are several key components to manifesting a new perspective. This series guides you through the process of discovering and incorporating these components.

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