Harry Lay

Harry Lay is the trusted advisor to CEOs and business leaders worldwide. He is uniquely qualified to serve as the voice of experience as well as the clear and constant sounding board to help propel seasoned leadership and the new-kid-on-the-block to extraordinary success.

When companies are performing below their potential the call goes out to Harry Lay. He adds and creates value that directly impacts the bottom line with his unique approach to strategic planning and profitability improvement. According to Harry Lay, “Profitability is not a dirty word,” and, “The success of any business is everyone’s business.” His personalized approach and laser focused practices make him the partner of choice in the process from strategic planning to implementation and execution of those plans.

Lay polished his unique, cross-industry skills and expertise in both the private and public business sectors. He served as the Partner-in-Charge of Non-Traditional Consulting Services and the Director of Profit Advisory for a regional CPA firm, and President/CFO of an international architectural and engineering firm where he oversaw the process from design to opening of all Wal-Mart stores built in the US from 1990-1996. In the public accounting sector, Lay served nineteen years in public accounting with three firms–two national and one local.

Leveraging his experience in the public and private sectors, Harry has enjoyed teaching a variety of continuing education courses and facilitating seminars for professional associations and private companies. He has been featured in Fortune magazine and The Wall Street Journal and serves as a member of numerous Boards of Directors.

In July 2004, Mr. Lay graduated from the Income Builders International Free Enterprise Forum (IBI Global, Inc., 704). Later that year he was invited to join the esteemed faculty. He now gives eight days, five times each year, in service, teaching and coaching CEOs attending the forums in Los Angeles, California. Graduates credit Harry with bringing unparalleled success to many of the participating companies.

Harry is active in multiple organizations in the Tulsa area, including the Small Business Council where he served as Chairman in 2003. In 2000, he was selected as Tulsa’s Small Business Accounting Advocate of the Year and earned his certification as one of an elite group of Certified Profit Enhancement Consultants in the US.

Program: Profitability

Harry Lay shares his expertise with you on how to create profits for your business. Profits are everyone’s #1 job and you need a strategic plan to create profitability. This session allows you to step into profitability. There are 3 simple strategies: (1) sell more to current clients; sell to new clients, (3) increase your prices, increase revenue and (3) decrease expenses. Focus your attention on profit and create the mindset program within to change the paradigm of profitability. You can earn a profit every month by developing trend lines, increasing your market share, and growing your sales every month. Once you create your systems, you cannot help but make a profit. Everyone benefits when companies make a profit. Profits are important to business and to people. Profits give you a competitive advantage. Create a profit culture and share it with your employees so they understand the importance of profits – profit is what fuels and powers the business. Change your mind, change your business and make profits.

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