John Conkle

Award-winning songwriter, producer and composer John Conkle has made a career of crossing musical boundaries. John has experimented with and excelled in many different musical styles including rock, pop, electronic, and new age music.

The music heard on our meditations are from John’s latest
release, “Eclipse.” Uniquely crafted to enhance your creative visualization and relaxation experience, this collection of ambient, textured melodies and sounds is now available for purchase.

Program: Eclipse Music Series

John Conkle is a talented musician and prolific composer, and an accomplished stage performer. He has composed the stunning music heard as the backdrop for our TGI programs, and all agree that it is an integral part of what makes TGI so effective. Much of the music is excerpted from John’s Eclipse CD, and in response to many requests, the Eclipse album is now available to the everyone. John has contributed two new 22-minute relaxation medleys. They are ideal for anyone looking for deep relaxation, stress reduction, and mind/body healing. With music from John’s latest album “Eclipse,” these medleys offer continuous music without pauses or interruptions.

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