Jeremy Shapiro

Jeremy is a real estate investor and entrepreneur from Boston, now living in California.

Program: Sean Carpenter’s Focus on Funding

You are about to experience a new beginning, a new
way and a new process to reorganize your mind and
body, and you will become ready to accept new
challenges and successfully realize your goals.
While in a relaxed state, your mind is open to the
endless possibilities of the future. Visualize your
success, build your confidence and elevate your
acceptance of new ideas. Inside you have all the
abilities to be successful. Success is about doing
well by doing good at the same time. Let go of the
challenges to success whether they are physical or
imagined. Money is a material reminder of our
success. We need to create wealth by exercising the
knowledge we have and by applying it in the most
effective way. Successful people continually have
goals they are working on and working towards;
they have balance and satisfaction in life. Success is built on the learning tools you collect and your
vision for success.

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