Jason Woolley

As the first hockey player in Canadian Olympic history to score a shoot-out goal at the 1992 Winter Games in Albertville, France, and helping to win Olympic Silver for Team Canada, Jason Woolley knows a thing or two about winning.

He knows the highs and lows of hockey. He knows what it is like to control the puck one second and not the next. He knows about fierce competition, being tested to your limits and the will to win when the game is all but over. He knows how one last rush of adrenalin and raw energy can take you to that sweet taste of victory. He knows how a winning mindset can transform your game.

Jason made Canadian Olympic hockey history scoring that first important shootout goal; and he went right on winning throughout his outstanding hockey career playing in the NCAA, AHL, IHL, UHL, The Swedish Elite League & of course, his 15 years in the The National Hockey League.

Jason’s NHL career included two Stanley Cup Final Series; the first in 1996 with the Florida Panthers and then again in 1999 with the Buffalo Sabres where he scored in the over time winner against the Dallas Stars in game one.

As the TGI (Transformational Guided Imagery) Program Author behind The Mental Side of Hockey for Youth program, Jason is proud to introduce session titles like: The Winning Mindset; Your Path to Success, Focus; Performing in the Zone, and Mental Toughness; The Making of a Champion, three inspiring TGI sessions from his motivational 10 session program created to help you to use the power of your mind to visualize your goals and excel in the game of hockey.

“This TGI program is easy and relaxing and is an instant jolt of positive energy and confidence.”

After retiring from the NHL in 2006, with the Detroit Red Wings, Jason Woolley is now a Certified NHL Players Association Agent, committed to representing and mentoring his promising players to success.

Program: The Mental Side of Hockey for Youth Series

The TGI “Mental Side of Hockey for Youth” program is a 10 motivational session program that focuses on the users “mental skill development”; helping them, through guided
visualizations, to visualize their goals with increased clarity. Studies prove that athletes who successfully employ visualization techniques consistently excel.

This TGI program is easy, relaxing, and will help to improve personal performance in both academics and athletics. Coaches, kids and hockey parents are fast becoming fans of the program.

“Winning happens in your mind first; believing in yourself and visualizing your goals works” -Jason Woolley

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