Suzy Prudden

Suzy Prudden has spent a lifetime helping people improve their lives and bodies. She started out working in fitness, authored nine books, and built the largest fitness studio in New York City. Her school for toddlers became a
pre-requisite for entrance into New York’s elite private schools.

In 1983, Suzy discovered the power of the mind and began the transition to body-mind technology. She authored two books on the subject, including the best
selling “MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape.”

In the 1990s, Suzy because a master communicator and was soon on her way to
building the largest self-improvement center in Los Angeles. Her center
specializes in weight loss, though it is by no means limited to this topic. Suzy developed CDs to support the needs of her clients and started writing a monthly newsletter and on-line blog to bring them information about nutrition, supplements and what’s happening in the world of medicine that might affect weight loss.

In 2005, Suzy taught her first Body-Life Therapy Certification Course at the
International Hypnosis Federation in San Pedro California. Half the participants wanted to work on their lives, half of them wanted to work on their businesses. Everyone walked away with tools for personal growth.

As part of her business, Suzy joined the Los Angeles Chapter of the Shared
Vision Network and in April 2006 she took over as co-director. She created the first of many products in the business arena: Business
Success, Financial Success and MLM Business Success.

Program: Business Success Series

Success begins in your mind. You need to make a conscious commitment to be successful. This program will help you to achieve your goals and eliminate the negative thinking and behavior that have kept you from accomplishing your objectives. Whatever your ambitions are for your business, they are obtainable. With business success, comes financial success and you can learn how to create your wealth through the power of your mind. Become trained in attracting the success you desire!

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Program: Conquering Your Eating Disorder Series

This program will help you take back your
power and allow you to love and appreciate your
body right now. It is designed to help you stop the
inner battle and bring you peace of mind as you
develop a new relationship with your body and

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Program: HCG Series

These sessions cover weight loss and addiction to carbs.

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Program: Manage Your Pain

Learn to manage your pain with White Light, by Suzy Prudden.

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Program: Profitability

Harry Lay shares his expertise with you on how to create profits for your business. Profits are everyone’s #1 job and you need a strategic plan to create profitability. This session allows you to step into profitability. There are 3 simple strategies: (1) sell more to current clients; sell to new clients, (3) increase your prices, increase revenue and (3) decrease expenses. Focus your attention on profit and create the mindset program within to change the paradigm of profitability. You can earn a profit every month by developing trend lines, increasing your market share, and growing your sales every month. Once you create your systems, you cannot help but make a profit. Everyone benefits when companies make a profit. Profits are important to business and to people. Profits give you a competitive advantage. Create a profit culture and share it with your employees so they understand the importance of profits – profit is what fuels and powers the business. Change your mind, change your business and make profits.

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Program: Self-Empowerment

Empowerment is the key to achieving anything you want in life. This program shows you how to take control of your life and create the life you want by empowering yourself. You will learn to identify your talents and use them to achieve success in all aspects of your life. You will discover what fears have been holding you back from realizing your dreams. Learn how to access your hidden genius and use it to improve your life. Empowerment begins now!

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Program: Self-Esteem

Some available now!

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Program: Wealth Success

Obtaining wealth in your life starts from within. Changing your thought patterns and directing them to your financial goals is the key to learning wealth consciousness.
In this powerful series, Suzy Prudden will help you unlock the door to these fundamental principles that have helped thousands of people take charge of their thinking and manifest success.
“Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.” – Napoleon Hill

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Program: Weight Loss Success

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