Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD, a British physician now resident in the USA, has been known round the world for over 30 years as a pioneer in alternative health. His numerous books and broadcasts earned him the media title of “Number One Allergy Detective” for his pioneer work in the field of food and environmental triggers. In 1987 he made world medico-legal history when a court accepted his evidence that food allergy could make a youth murderously violent. His US best-seller “Diet Wise” is the summation of over 35 years clinical experience in this field. He is professor of nutrition and a member of the senate of the Open University for Complementary Medicines.

Prof. Keith has been one of the pioneers of the human potential movement since 1968. He writes under the title “The Renegade Guru”. His body of work includes “Guru Express”, “New Thought Horizons” and “Secrets Of Unstoppable Success”.

He is an authentic shaman and medicine man.