Stuart Lovett

Stuart Lovett is an Attunement Master Teacher/Practitioner, practicing the Healing Arts for over 30 years and teaching the Healing Arts for nearly 20 years. While on staff at the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, he taught his life enhancing and comprehensive healing Respiratory Retraining System called HEALING BREATH ™. This physician-endorsed program accomplishes amazing physiological results in proven increased oxygen saturation into the blood system while improving the body’s overall oxygen utilization. It has been especially useful in the treatment of many diseases and disorders such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and others. The HEALING BREATH ™ has been useful in healing disorders of the nervous system including many forms of depression, PTSD, postpartum depression, and stress disorder. As the founder/creator of this Respiratory Retraining System, Stuart has directly helped hundreds of people and has impacted thousands to accelerate their physical, mental and spiritual healing capacities.

Beyond the physiological attributes that the HEALING BREATH ™ offers is the invaluable gateway to one’s higher self. Stuart, through the HEALING BREATH ™ helps you engage YOU, your higher self, the DIVINE BEING through which miracles manifest whether they be in healing the divine temple of the body or through any of your living relationships. . .in short, to awaken to your divine mission and purpose in the here and now. Stuart teaches that HEALING BREATH ™ is simply about “Being present”.

As an Attunement Master Stuart Lovett practices and teaches a very special type of energetic healing and uses the human instrument involving principals such as the magic of vesica piscis, creative field technology, utilization of balancing of the endocrine glands (the body’s energetic gateways), the design of Being, and the creative plan as it has been unfolding on Earth. Through individual training, group workshops and seminars he teaches others to incorporate the HEALING BREATH ™ Respiratory Retraining System and the principals of the Art of Attunement into their daily lives, improving health and well-being on every level.

As an energetic healer and gifted intuitive, Stuart has helped to bring countless hearts and minds to a fuller understanding of themselves and their surroundings.
Reverend Lovett is a non-denominational ordained minister and the founder of Church Of All Faiths Under God. He is a martial artist and life counselor. As an established poet and inspirational writer his published works can be found in the White House, National Institutes of Health, the United Nations and in U.S. Military bases all over the world.

Program: The Healing Breath Sessions

This Healing Breath™ / Attunement Guided Meditation Session combines (1) divine naming, (gland/Spirit i.e., pineal/Love – pituitary/Truth – thyroid/Life – thymus/Purification – pancreas/Blessing – adrenals/Single Eye – gonads/New Earth), (2) wording and (3) tone which instruct you (through invitation) to connect with YOU (your higher self). Healing Breath™ / Attunement Meditation Sessions offer the radiant expression of “Whole Being.” Each of our endocrine glands have divinely unique physiological and energetic purpose. As such, these glands serve as gateways through which you and I together may work energetically and successfully to create the results you desire. This Meditation offers you a divine tool, indeed, a perfect vehicle for resonation with Source so that you may relax into YOU! Prepare to unite with the divine design, easily and gracefully through the magical doorway of your very own healing breath.

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