Matthew & Orna Walters

Orna Walters’ interest in emotional health stems from a tumultuous childhood filled with violence and emotional abuse. After enduring violent romantic relationships, she has been determined to place no blame and take responsibility to create a fulfilling life for herself.

Using the science of Hand Analysis as a base, Orna made a quantum leap in valuing herself allowing her to transform her relationship with herself so she could be open to receiving real, respectful love. Previously earning a living as an Entertainment Executive, Orna made the jump to being a Life Purpose Coach and Professional Hand Analyst by addressing the issues of her own Life Lesson allowing her to be of service to others and live in the fulfillment of her life purpose. Orna is the premiere Hand Analyst in Los Angeles and has been featured on Fox 11 News, NBC, and

Matthew Walters spent 15 years in the entertainment industry before beginning his career in personal growth. A period of bad choices and major setbacks in his life led him to the proverbial dark night of the soul. During that time, Matthew began a practice of yoga and meditation so that he could he could find peace in his daily life.

It was also during this time that Matthew discovered his own responsibility for the outcomes he was creating. On a recommendation from a friend, he began to see a therapist, Arna. He quickly realized Arna was no ordinary therapist. She used hypnosis as part of every session. Always willing to try a new approach, Matthew quickly worked through several core issues and began to seek out a deeper meaning for his life.
This led Matthew to studying Hypnosis, NLP, Therapeutic Imagery among other techniques for quickly transforming emotions and behavior. Being from the “show me state” of Missouri, he has always been drawn to practical techniques that get results quickly.
Matthew currently assists creative artists and entrepreneurs overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm at his office in Beverly Hills and over the phone. He has appeared on the USA Network among other TV and radio appearances. He is also the co-founder of the most comprehensive hypnosis download website

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