Dale Bach

Dale Bach, known as the ’Happiness Expert’ is the author of Mamma Trauma – If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother! A Motivational Speaker as well as a Licensed Agape Spiritual Practitioner, she completed the University of Santa Monica Master’s program in Spiritual Psychology, and is an advanced Psych-K Facilitator. Dale’s personal mission is to EMPOWER over 1 Million People to have a transformational experience through her C.H.I System , have a ’Happy Heart’ and tools to maintain it. The C.H.I System helps you free your mind so you can have a Happy Heart, Lasting Wealth, Happiness and Success!

Dale is a survivor of severe childhood abuse that created a deep belief she was unworthy, and unlovable, creating patterns of self-destruction and hopelessness. This triggered alcohol and drug abuse, many injuries and accidents, and she unconsciously invited people to continue her abusive patterns. Through relentless efforts to heal from her past, Dale learned how to take back her power, evolving from being a victim to a strong powerful compassionate woman who invokes purpose and enthusiasm for living. Dale has traveled worldwide in search of deeper healing techniques to transform her life. Now, she brings these transformational accelerated healing techniques with her C.H.I System to the public through powerful prayers, healing workshops, and on-stage and online platforms.

As a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Dale Bach has taught Reiki nationwide and founded many Reiki Healing Circles. Formerly, a two-time Emmy Award nominee make-up artist, she found herself wanting to do more healing on set than make-up. Dale’s teachers include His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. Rev. Michael B. Beckwith and many more.

Dale is a featured author of several Transformational Guided Imagery programs (TGI) through New Reality. Her programs combine cutting edge technology with accelerated techniques to connect your spirit to the power of the mind to offer a personal way to help you release old patterns bringing forth your Authentic Self and Essential Nature.

Dale can help connect you to your own Divinity, opening the door to your soul. She ushers in healing light, revealing your Authentic Self. You can see what is beyond the boundaries of your limiting beliefs, engaging your inner strength to take action! Dale Bach brings health, beauty, and grace to life with her vibrant personality and genuine spirit. Expand into new possibilities, and experience profound inspiration with Dale’s unique approach to guided Self-Realization.

Dale is now living her dream in her oceanfront cottage in San Diego, California. She has two grown daughters with whom she has beautiful loving relationships now that she is on the other side of her own Mamma Trauma.

Program: Dale Bach’s Prayers

Three prayers for Health, Courage, and Meditation.

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Program: The Key to Happiness

Each one of these meditations are designed to help you let go of stress and anxiety, allowing your body mind and spirit to go back to its natural state of Harmony, Radiant Health and having a Happy Heart. Cultivating resilience and a deep rooted belief that you are worthy of Connection, that you are enough and that you are worthy and deserve the very best that Love and Life has to offer you.

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