Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

Martha Hanlon is a thought-provoking marketing expert who spots trends and breaks a lot of marketing “rules” to deliver new results. Her forward-thinking has led to the identification of nine marketing leverages that create the fastest path to customers. Fun, engaging and a bit irreverent, Martha is passionate about the need for businesses to start talking to people in lively, authentic conversations—and to tell stories that help the world understand why they are important. Martha has founded three marketing companies, after years leading product management and marketing divisions in Corporate America and worked with more than 500 companies from Fortune 100 to VC-backed start-ups to the auto dealer down the street to build brands, create new services and generate lead flow. Martha has an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. from Duquesne University. She is a sought after writer, speaker and trainer. She is the primary author of money-Making Marketing and the #3 Marketing Best Seller at Amazon, Customers Are the Answer to Everything. She currently sits on several Boards.

Chris Williams is recognized by Sacramento Magazine as one of the top five sales experts in the California capitol area. She is a dynamic business builder, a sought-after speaker and results-producing business coach. After training over 1,000 Xerox sales reps, she single-handedly built a million per year Xerox distributorship of 13 sales people that grew 18 percent year over year. She blends her years of corporate experience with her hands-on entrepreneurial knowledge as a highly successful business owner into interactive, high-energy and high-content programs. Program participants report results like, “I increased my sales by 233 percent.” “I closed 60 leads in 45 days.” “I tripled my business in 90 days.”

Program: Customers are the Answer for your Business

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