Colin Tipping

One of the most popular spiritual leaders of our time, Colin Tipping is the creator of what has come to be recognized as the most powerful leading-edge technology for personal and spiritual growth today — Radical Living. This includes Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self-forgiveness, Radical Manifestation and Radical Transformation. He is the author of seven books, including the one that launched his career as an international speaker, workshop leader and coach, entitled Radical Forgiveness, A Five-Stage Process of Finding Peace in Any Situation. He is in the process of writing another book entitled, “Expanding Into Love, A Handbook for Radical Living.”

Colin was a teacher at London University before emigrating to the U.S. in 1984 and is the co-founder, with his wife JoAnn, of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching, Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia. The institute trains and certifies professional Radical Living Coaches and Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioners in the U.S., as well as in Europe. He has recently launched a major initiative to take a specialized form of the Radical Forgiveness technology into corporations and other organizations, as a radically new way of resolving and preventing conflict, raising morale and increasing productivity.

Colin\’s spirituality is essentially practical, and down to earth, simple, free and open-ended. In 1992, he and JoAnn created a series of healing retreats in the north Georgia mountains for people challenged with cancer. In recognizing that lack of forgiveness was a big part of the causation, they set about refining a new form of forgiveness which later was to become what is now recognized as Radical Forgiveness. In 1997 he wrote the first edition of the book, Radical Forgiveness and has since authored many more in addition to producing a series of online programs. He lectures worldwide and has an Institute for Radical Forgiveness in Australia, Poland and Germany. He has no plans to retire.

Program: 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness

Create a life of radical living. Slip loose of the invisible forces holding you back. Shed your anger, embrace forgiveness, step into your true power, become the person you know you are and create the world as you want it to be with Colin’s Radical Forgiveness principles applied to your whole life: Radical Living.

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Program: Colin Tipping’s Meditation

Chakras are our energy centers. From the Sanskrit word, meaning wheels of energy, Chakras are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura; that field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding us. The Chakra’s functions are to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the growth of our self-consciousness. They are connected with our physical, mental and emotional interactions. There are seven major chakras. The aura is often referred to as the eighth chakra.

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