Lauren Miller

Lauren E Miller is a Stress Relief/Personal Excellence Educator; Founder and Managing Partner of Grab & Go Stress Solutions, International Award Winning Author/Speaker/Trainer/Coach.

Through product resources; mainstream media; 1:1 coaching; workshops; seminars and 30 day, 3 minute a day programs, Lauren equips thousands of people world wide with effective, results based skill-sets and systems which produce positive behavioral shifts, expanding peopleís ability to excel in life without all of the stress and anxiety. Purpose driven, confident living; goal achievement and work-life satisfaction are among the many positive outcomes her clients experience.

Lauren received her BS degree from CU Boulder in Journalism/Psychology; postgraduate in Education; She is currently enrolled in Rutgers Master of Education in Adult Education Program; 2nd degree black belt from the World Wide Tae Kwon Do Federation; Certified Master Business Success Coach; NLP/EFT Master Practitioner. Currently she is enrolled in Rutgerís Adult Education & Training Masterís Program. Lauren is a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and serves on the board of The Women of Global Change.

Lauren has received National and International recognition including Ladies Home Journal; Redbook; Ladies Home Journal; Family Circle; Success Magazine; CSNBC; MSNBC; Lifetime; Discovery and the International Journal of Healing and Care. Lauren co-hosts a weekly health and wellness radio show and is a contributing writer for Colorado Biz Magazine and HR.comís Personal Excellence & Wellness Magazines.

With 20 years of volunteer work in adult and youth ministry Lauren is an active participant with Compassion International and has sponsored several children for over a decade. As a conqueror of two of lifeís top stressors at the same time: advanced cancer and divorce, Lauren is grateful for the gift of each new day. Residing in Colorado, Lauren enjoys living life to the fullest with her husband and three children along with dancing; fly fishing; camping; hiking; Colorado sunsets and laughter.

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Program: A Mindful Meditation for High Character Living

Stress Relief Expert/Author/Speaker/Corporate Trainer Lauren E Miller shares a powerful template for mindful meditation which allows you to anchor character traits which align with the person you are committed to being, professionally and personally.

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Program: A Powerful Personal Success Technique

Using a powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Personal Success Technique, short scriptures, mind set reflections and prayers Lauren helps you remember your God given ability to choose how you want to show up in life. Learn spiritual mind set skills that help you accomplish consistently and naturally what you feel called to do on this journey of life with faith, levity and love.

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Program: Stress Solutions for the Soul

"Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold." Proverbs 3:13

If this is the case, how many of our moments throughout the week are we investing in the commodity of wisdom & understanding? If the return is more profitable than SILVER and GOLD then isn’t this gain worth our pursuit in as many conscious moments as possible throughout our day?

How much of your time in one day do you spend seeking understanding and wisdom concerning the circumstances in your life AND how much of your time do you spend doubting, defending and discouraged?

Rather than leaning into the uncomfortable feelings you get around the uncertainty of life consider the irritation an invitation to seek council from God and wise mentors around you who have experienced similar challenges and learned the lessons resulting in wisdom and understanding that can now be shared and multiplied.

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