Dr. Emmett Miller

Emmett Miller is best known for his revolutionary work in creating the holistic approach to healing and the field of Mind-Body Medicine. After graduating from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (1967) he quickly realized that mainstream medicine was missing the boat. Most of our illnesses were clearly due to lifestyle, stress, and our lack of ability to use the power of our minds to heal our bodies, emotions, and behaviors (e.g., addictions).

Dr. Miller’s Mind-Body Medicine Personal & Coaching AppointmentsAs a mathematician who studied computer programming in 1962, he was one of the first to realize how the mind functions much like a biocomputer; it perceives, reasons, and feels the way it was programmed, and this programming can be changed through the use of relaxed, meditation-like states and specific mental image rehearsal (Software for the Mind).

Within a few years he developed the holistic approach to healing and together with a few colleagues (Ken Pelletier, David Bresler, Martin Rossman, Joan Borysenko, Jeanne Achterberg, Jon Kabat Zinn, Herbert Benson, Peter Mutke, Carl Simonton), created the field of Integrative (Holistic) Medicine.

Dr. Miller received special acclaim for his development of the field of Guided Imagery, and especially his being the first to publish cassette audiotapes featuring deep relaxation and mental imagery, (1973). This was a completely new tool for empowering people to use the power of their minds for self-healing and optimal performance. They also spread awareness of this new and powerful tool throughout the health care field.

Program: An Attitude of Gratitude

Guided Imagery offers us an opportunity to calm our minds and feel deep appreciation for the beautiful things in our lives. For many of us, the world moves along so quickly, and the endless stream of appointments, phone calls, emails, and other Things That Need To Be Done Next continually distracts us from the all-important step of positive feedback. The nature of our world is such that many decisions need to be made by the unconscious levels of the mind.

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Program: Change the Channel on Pain

Dr. Emmett E. Miller begins this guided imagery healing tape by instructing the listener to focus on sensations and let them slip into the background and away from awareness. Miller instructs the listener to bring the pain out in front and give it a shape, color, weight, etc., and then to release it from awareness. Sounds of ocean waves (and the piano version of Debussy’s La Mer) accompany suggestions to wash away pain, increase relaxation, and then become undulating swells on the ocean. Basically, Miller lets the listener realize how to develop “selective awareness”; he imbeds suggestions to make this ability more available throughout the day. Side two offers a more active way to eliminate or reduce pain sensations; Miller instructs the listener to create a “numbness glove” on one hand to transfer anesthesia to the parts of the body experiencing pain. The background music of harp, piano, flute, and harp is relaxing light classical or impressionistic. Miller’s voice is warm and resonant, like a valued friend. ~ review by Carol Wright

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Program: Down With High Blood Pressure

Bring down blood pressure with this series of meditations and imagery from acclaimed physician and mind/body specialist Dr. Emmett Miller. Featured are four in-depth meditations for helping you develop good habits for relaxing and lowering tension (that can possibly lead to problems). The first meditation was designed for use anytime and anywhere, using a “reminder technique” for deep relaxation. The second will help you gather energies and prepare for the day. The third meditation is ideal for the end of the day, for winding down and descending into a peaceful, rejuvenating sleep. The final portion helps you get to the root of the problem, discovering bad habits that may leading to increased arterial flow.

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Program: Freeing Yourself From Fear

The fear response is a learned habit. You have become accustomed to seeing things in a certain light, and reacting with fear. But fear is all in your mind, and if you know it is useless or unreasonable to be having fear, you can use this technique to reduce or eliminate it. Let go of fear and maximize your enjoyment of life with the easy-to-use techniques found in this program. Your own internal antidote to fears and phobias is awakened through deep relaxation, breathing techniques, guided imagery, and positive affirmations while fears are gently released. An excellent guide to using the “hierarchical desensitization method” of overcoming fear and phobias.

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Program: Headache Relief

Powerful mind-body approaches for most headaches. Several separate experiences to 1. Relieve the discomfort through a deeply relaxing technique of muscle tension release. 2. Trace the cause of your pain through a brief exploration of its origins 3. This imagery is for daily use to keep you pain free and feeling comfortable.

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Program: Healing from Cancer

A person who has received a diagnosis of cancer has two issues to deal with: cancer, the disease (the abnormal cells and their growth), and cancer, the Illness (feelings of being unwell, uncomfortable and ’sick.’ As you listen to this program you will learn mind-tools of deep relaxation (meditation), focused awareness, and guided imagery (visualization): self-applied techniques to enable you to heal. The mind-tools presented in this program can help you change your attitudes, positively impact how you feel and function, improve survival, and help minimize symptoms and side effects of treatment.

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Program: Healing Journey

From the common cold to cancer…

Whatever you’re dealing with, stress most likely has something to do with it. An estimated 90% of all illness and disease begins with stress.

Using techniques drawn from meditative and prayerful disciplines as well as soothing music, the Healing Journey program helps melt away stress whether you’re anxious and overwhelmed by everyday life or trying to recover from a specific illness or chronic condition.

In the 30-plus years since Dr. Miller created this program, Healing Journey has helped countless people relax and connect with their inner healing source. And it holds the distinction of being the first nationally published guided imagery experience featuring music and deep relaxation.

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Program: Healing Your Back

This program gives you the tools you need to relieve stress and pain, discover and disconnect your triggers, start and end each day in the right frame of mind and body, and change behaviors that lead to re-injury.

Healing Your Back is a powerful, effective, enjoyable way to take charge of your healing, reduce tension and pain in your back, and speed your return to wellness. It is three programs in one.

This first part helps you focus your mind, relax, and the ease the tension, pain and inflammation in your back or neck. Deep relaxation, guided imagery, and positive affirmation enable you to do this. Next, you will use these same mind tools to explore the roots of your back pain, re-balance your mind and emotions, and rewire your brain to provide you with the healthy attitudes and behaviors to heal your back and prevent future episodes.

The third part of this program enables you to program your mind each morning so that you carry the sense of calm balance throughout your day, thereby avoiding triggering further tension or inflammation. It also provides you with a soothing experience of deep relaxation and visualization just before bed, so your body can more quickly heal you while you sleep.

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Program: Health and Wellness

The purpose of this program is to stimulate the development of high-level wellness through better habits of relaxation, exercise, diet, and self-awareness. You will learn to pay attention to specific aspects of your mind, body, emotion, and spirit. You will
build motivation for improving your general self-care habits.

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Program: Imagine Yourself Slim

Imagine Yourself Slim shows you first how to relieve unnecessary stress through a soothing experience of guided imagery and music to dissolve stress. In this deeply relaxed healing state, you create an inner image of your desired outcome state – the real you! Look and feel the way you want to feel — happy and healthy. The secret to easy weight loss is your subconscious mind.

Being slim means being free of excess fatty tissue. And it is not only that you are looking and feeling better, we now know that it is the best way to live longer. By keeping your weight within the proper range, exercising your body, and managing your stress, you not only feel healthier, you prevent many of the leading causes of death (e.g., heart disease, diabetes etc.). And today is a perfect day to start.

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Program: Optimizing Chemotherapy

Optimizing Chemotherapy is designed to help maximize the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment while minimizing or eliminating any side effects. As you listen, learn how to utilize focused concentration, guided imagery, deep relaxation and other mind-tools to control the reactions and responses of your body. In addition to reducing side effects, focus upon directing your medication towards the disease instead of to your healthy cells.

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Program: Optimizing Radiation

Optimizing Radiation is designed to help maximize the effectiveness of radiation treatment while minimizing or eliminating any side effects. As you listen, learn to use the power of focused concentration, guided imagery, deep relaxation and other mind-tools to manage the reactions and responses of your body. In addition to reducing side effects, you will focus upon directing the radiation you receive towards the disease cells instead of to your healthy cells.

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Program: Smoke No More


– To eliminate or reduce the desire to smoke.
– To help create a new, non-smoking self-image and program desirable behaviors to replace smoking behavior.
– To help manage the stress of quitting or cutting down.

Recommended For:

All smoking styles including long-term smokers, heavy smokers, and people who smoke to reduce stress.

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Program: The Serenity Prayer

All behaviors are based on decisions made by the deeper mind. Use this beautiful program every day, while you drive, to choose your wisest behavior. You will hear affirmations to enable you to access the serenity to accept what you cannot change, and the courage to confront and change what you can change. The words of wise men and women from many times and cultures, intoned over soothing music, awaken within you the wisdom to choose well.

“…the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”. Dr. Miller calls this prayer “the most concise and profound guide ever to wise, healthy and successful living.” The words of wise men and women from many times and cultures, intoned over soothing music awaken within you, the wisdom to choose well. Let gentle affirmations, music, poetry, and ageless wisdom guide your thoughts while you work or play.

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