Frequently Asked Questions

The list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) appear below.

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How does TGI Master Key work?
By harnessing our inherent ability to “tune-in”, a technology called TGI™ (Transformational Guided Imagery™) allows us to easily and quickly move to an advanced learning state. In this state we are receptive to experts who provide critical information to help us achieve our goals and aspirations. Click on the Technology tab for more detailed information.


Who can benefit from using the TGI Master Key?
Anyone who would like to reduce stress and be assisted in achieving their goals and desires. One of the principal applications is for aiding in sleep, but there is a broad range of proven uses. Do you golf? Want to improve? The TGI Science Experiential Library™ has an exclusive program created by one of only seventy PGA certified tour professional player instructors. Hockey? Business strategies? Learning? Health issues? Those are just a small sample of the ever-expanding list of topics included in the Library that could assist you. 


Where can I see a complete list of TGI Programs?
Click on the Program List tab to see a complete listing of programs and with detailed descriptions


Where is the best place to use the TGI Master Key?
The ideal location is a quiet place with low light, preferably with furniture that allows you to recline. That said, the Master Key is often demonstrated in noisy, well lighted places with superb results. And users swear by it to help them on those long airline flights. The only caveat is not to use it when you are operating equipment or driving.


How long is the typical TGI Experience?
Program tracks can vary from twelve to thirty minutes with the most common length being twenty minutes. And twenty minutes tends to be the best duration compromise between program effectiveness and user convenience.  


How often should I or could I use the TGI Master Key?

It has been shown that utilizing the Experience once a day for addressing a chosen goal gives the best results. Time permitting it can be used more. Desired outcomes should not be expected if used any less than five times a week, and the timeliness of such outcomes are dependent upon consistency and repetition. Once the outcome is achieved the frequency of usage can be reduced but should be sustained at the level necessary to insure continuance of the outcome.

Please note: The TGI programs are designed to help you reach your full potential; however, results cannot be guaranteed since we are all unique individuals and the program’s effectiveness can vary from person to person.


What if I'm skeptical -- what will take that away?
When you begin to notice that you’re creating a new reality for yourself in your daily habits and behaviors, your skepticism will vanish. The only caveat is that you faithfully commit to take twenty minutes a day for yourself and enjoy the TGI Experience.


Can I use the TGI Master Key to address more than one goal at a time?
Yes! For example; enhancing sleep, reducing stress and working on business success. It’s just matter of managing your time for using the Master Key Experience versus the time necessary to conduct your daily activities. But the Experience is a true leveraging tool, making your other-than-Experience time much more efficient and productive. 


Can you give another explanation of how TGI works?
Think of it like a sticky note for the mind. You write yourself a little memo and post it on your inner mind as a reminder. And you do this repetitively. Most people have improvements they’d like to make. They have all the best intentions in the world, but have a hard time incorporating the change. What TGI does is rehearse new behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs so that you will have learned new behavioral responses to old triggers. As you continually Experience your desired program, new responses take hold; you will no longer hope that you will sleep better, lose weight, or shoot a better game of golf; you will come to realize that these goals. It’s that easy. So what’s on your mind?


How do TGI Programs produce effective results?
What the TGI program does is to present positive information and ideas; and place this material at a critical location that maximizes their effect. Let’s try a weight-loss objective example: Will you drink water? Do you eat? Can you exercise? Let’s agree that these are inherent abilities, yes? So the TGI Program author does not to give you the abilities. You already have those. In this example it is the expert author’s job to help you modify your habits in these three key activities to produce your desired health results. You are just redeploying own abilities. TGI Program authors provide the tools plus the motivation, determination, and drive to help you succeed with weight loss or other goals such as stress reduction, sleeping better and sports improvement. 


Are there any side effects?
The most prevalent “side effect” for the typical user is the equivalent of about two hours of sleep after experiencing a twenty minute program track.

Feeling a little anxious when first trying the MasterKey? Those of us who tend to be left brain dominant (analytically driven) may want to start using the Master Key with the TGiWear brightness level at a low setting. It can take a few experiences before our brain hemispheres are comfortable working in sync (and, yes, working in sync is an important element of the TGI process). With time the intensity can be increased to enhance effectiveness.

For people with light sensitivity it is recommended not to use the TGiWear, or to use it with caution, turning the light intensity very low, and/or after consulting with a physician. The audio portion of the “tune-in” feature can be effective without the TGiWear but results typically take longer.


Is the TGI Process safe?
People with photosensitivity are instructed to avoid using the TGiWear or employ it with caution. TGI programs do work with using the audio only, but expect a longer period of time for the benefits to become apparent.


Can anyone use TGI?
Generally speaking, the majority of people can benefit from TGI. There is a minority with severe mental disorders or who are on certain medications that should only use TGI Programs under the direct care of a health professional. 


Will this work if I’m a control freak?
You are actually in more control while in the TGI state of relaxation than you are right now. TGI gives you discretionary access to your inner mind, allowing you to tune into your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on a deeper level. Then with the help of the expert TGI Program author you will be able to rehearse and bring clarity to what you really want to achieve for yourself. Such people tend to be left-brain heavy (analytical) and may need to start using the Master Key with a low TGiWear brightness setting for the TGI Process to be comfortable. As you become acclimated to the TGiWear input the brightness can be increased for best effectiveness. 


Is it safe to drive after I have had a TGI Experience?
Yes, it’s reasonable to say that it’s safer for you to drive after an Experience that before. You will feel positive and recharged. Should you feel a little groggy, simply wait a few minutes. It is just like waking up in the morning, some of us jump out of bed ready to take on the world while the rest of us take some time to become fully awake and get ready to go.


Can the TGI Master Key be used with children?
Little people as young as seven have enjoyed the TGI Experience. The only limitation is the ability to keep the accessories on.


Can I play other recordings on my TGI Master Key? Or play the TGI programs on my smart phone or MP-3 player?
The TGI program tracks are constructed for use exclusively on the Master Key. To protect the program author’s rights they have a high level of encryption and can be Experienced only on the Master Key for which the program was purchased. The program tracks include a proprietary system that administers the “tune-in” feature of the Master Key and (encryption aside) are outside the capability of any other playback device. 


How long does the TGI Master Key battery last?
You can typically Experience between ten and twelve program tracks between charges. The Master Key will show a “Battery Low” screen if there is insufficient charge to Experience the program track selected. In which case the Master Key can be connected to the A/C charger and the Experience continue as planned.


How can I get more information?
If the information you desire is not provided within this web site, please call us at 925-443-2254 or email us at We will do our best to get you a response within twenty-four hours.


It is important to note that Experiencing TGI programs is a form of holistically enhanced meditation, and is to be used for motivational purposes only.   It is not intended for, nor should it ever be used to address any medical or psychological problems.  If you have any concerns about using TGI Programs please consult with your health professional.  Do not attempt to operate any equipment or drive while utilizing the Master Key TGI programs.