Getting Into The Zone

This Amazing new discovery will surprise you!

Neuroscience – is the study of our brain-based nervous system. Neuroscience along with Neuro Messaging™ are considered the next major frontiers of human focused discovery.

Did you know that Neuroscience has the potential of changing your life more dramatically than you ever imagined?

We are already becoming more and more aware of how our mind and thoughts impact every aspect of our lives from health and wellness to learning, financial success and of course sports.

To quote Napoleon Hill, from his book “Think and Grow Rich” “What we think about we bring about”. It turns out that Mr. Hill along with Einstein “Our imagination is a preview of things to come” had both discovered an important aspect of how our thoughts impact our lives.

A closer look at what is going on around us will help illustrate how Neuroscience is gaining more interest and importance in our lives.

It’s hard to miss the brain enhancement tools like Luminosity focused on training our brains are being advertised on TV or hot new TV shows such as Brain Games, or Dr. Daniel Amens’ PBS show on how the brain ages, or Morgan Freedmen’s Though the Wormhole – Hacking the Brain on the Discovery Channel have become mainstream.

Even our US government recognizes the major importance of gaining more knowledge about our brain-based nervous system and has launched an aggressive 10-year Brain Mapping Program.

The Brain Initiative (Brain Research though Advanced Innovative Neurotechnologies), also referred to, as the Brain Activity Map Project was announcement by President Obama on April 2, 2013. Based on the Human Genome Project the goal is to map the activity of every neuron in the human brain. This collaborative research project has been projected to cost $300 millions per year for the next ten years. Prestigious institution and individuals have already formed a working group of advisors that includes The Salk Institute, Stanford University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, DARPA, NIH and NSF along with Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm any many others groups.

The Brain Initiative with its massive government funding is destined to provide extensive amounts of new insights and knowledge about the brain and how it works.

Google an odd but not unexpected new player with an interest in “improving lives and increasing mental agility” has launched their newly funded company Calico. Arthur Levinson the Chairman of Genentech and Apple along with Google ventures funded this visionary company which is interested in a holistic approach towards health with a focus on “researching new technology, anti-aging for improving health”.

With our aging population dementia and Alzheimer’s that impact our brain and mind has become a more frequent topic of discussion and has reached a high level of interest and concern for almost everyone.

Enter an entirely new dementia affecting younger individual in their teens and early 20s teens, which was first reported in June 2013 as “Digital Dementia”.

Digital Dementia is brought on by excess use of digital technology such as computers, smart phones, and the Internet. “Heavy users are more likely to over develop their left brain, leaving their right brains underdeveloped. The Left side of the brain is generally associated with rational thought, numerical computation and fact finding, while the right side of the brain is responsible for creative skill and emotional thoughts. If the right brain remains under developed in the long term it can lead to the early onset of dementia.”

According to experts digital dementia has become a significant problem in South Korea that has the largest population of Internet users. Common symptoms of digital dementia include memory problems, shortened attention spans and emotional flattening. Many experts have called for the Internet addiction to be classified as a mental disorder and that it should be treated as a major public health issue.

The Brain Our Next Frontier
The brain has two hemispheres; one (the right side) has been determined to host the more intuitive, visual, and creative thoughts and ideas, while the other (the left side) tends to be the source of our logical, sequential, and language based mental activities. Think of it as having an artist and an accountant constantly expressing themselves in your head, and with a discussion hopefully leading toward a unified outcome. All of us work in both modes, but frequently we tend to have an overall lean towards one or the other.

Understand our brain is cross-wired to our body; hence the right brain controls our left appendages and visa versa. This fact will help clarify what I’m about to share with you next. There is a series of “tells” that will indicate which side of the brain you may favor. One such tell is to clasp your hands together, interlacing your fingers; now observe which thumb is on the top? People who place their right thumb on top of their left thumb tend to be left-brain dominant, and thus tend to be more verbal and analytical. Those placing their left thumb on top of their right thumb tend to be more right-brain dominant, and thus might excel in visual, spatial and intuitive tasks.

Practically speaking, it is important to note that no one is totally left-brained or right-brained dominant. Just as you have a dominant hand, dominant eye, and even a dominant foot, you probably have a dominant side of the brain. Second, ideally you can work to utilize both sides of your brain. Most individuals have a distinct preference so that one side of the brain tends to more strongly influence their thinking. Some of us, however, are more whole-brained and equally adept in both modes.

What happens in our brains?

Let’s take a look at our different Brain waves states

Delta wave – (0.1–4 Hz) Delta is associated with Sleep, our bodies naturally heal and repairs itself during sleep.
Theta wave – (4–7 Hz) is often referred to as the Meditative, problem solving or intuitive state.
Alpha wave – (7.5–12.5 Hz) is considered our creative, happy state where we are relaxed and more receptive.
Beta Wave – (13-40 Hz) Is our wide awake state where we have focus, concentration and heightened alertness

We all have your very own unique signature brain wave activity patterns. These patterns vary in levels over the course of a day as our brain modulates its self to match our activities.

Amazingly our body naturally synchronizes with the frequency it is exposed to. Imagine being at Time Square on New Years or in a loud Disco, I bet you can almost feel the high energy and chaos. Now imagine yourself on a beautiful beach on the warm sand under the shade of a gently swaying palm tree. The ocean waves are gently kissing the shore, you feel so relaxed and you find yourself wondering why you don’t do this more often.

Your body naturally synchronizes with the frequency it is exposed to. The energy frequency in Time Square on New Years is closer to 40 HZ than 13 HZ. You feel charged up. At the beach your body synchronized with the frequency of the ocean that is about 10 HZ, which is also the same frequency as Alpha, so you feel relaxed.

Now imagine that you are in a quite space and you are very relaxed as you start to clear your mind to meditate. As you relax you let go of all the tension in your mind and body and you quickly and easily reach the brain wave state of Theta. Now I am guessing that not many of you would agree that reaching Theta is quick and easy. In fact I’ll bet most of you think it is extremely difficult and takes tons of time.

Theta is a very important brain wave state. We must all pass through Theta for about 45 minutes before we go to sleep at and night and again in the morning before we wake up. During this time we organize and clear our thoughts from the day. As we get older many of us find that it is harder and harder to relax and easily drop into Theta and get a great night’s sleep.

Let’s explore how the different brain waves frequencies can work for you

We all know the term “Being in the Zone” but how can it help you?

Did you ever think that “Being in the Zone” might be just what you needed for super-learning or to excel in business, sports or even life? But then realized that there was no set of instructions that could tell where to find the zone and then activate it and then achieve your desired out come. Frustrating?? But then you know that it must exist but obliviously there must be a missing ingredient that you haven’t found quite yet. After all Tiger Woods, temporarily lost his ability to get into the zone, to which everyone was surprised and some disappointed and now he seems to have found that Zone again, having won one of his last tournaments.

Using Neuroscience, Chris Berka and her team at NeuroTech startup Advanced Brain Monitoring have recently identified, what the Zone is and how to get into it. Using a champion archer as the test subject, the archers brain was scanned before, during and after taking a shot at the target. Just at the moment before the perfect shot was taken the subject’s brain wave activity changed dramatically. There was a sudden high-level increase in Alpha and Theta brain waves. The arrow was released and the perfect shot was achieved.

The next part of the research involved monitoring the brain waves of amateur archers. There was no brain wave change to an elevated level of Alpha and Theta indicating “Being in the Zone” for these folks prior to shooting an arrow at the target. Then some training followed. The amateurs were trained to learn how to relax and recognized the different sensation when in the Alpha and Theta state. A buzzer on their collars was used to alert them that they were in the “Zone” at which time they let the arrow fly.

The amazing results of the test determined that the amateurs could be trained 230% faster in speed and accuracy using the brain wave coaching protocol to achieve “Being in the Zone”. See for yourself:

Remember, the last time you attended a lecture – when you were all “charged up” and ready to “set-set-the-world-on-fire” with all the amazing information you just learned? But here you are today and you can’t even recall the Five Key Items or the Seven Most Important Elements or whatever it was they were talking about. Ever wonder why so much of the information has escaped you? After all you know that the last lecture was extremely important.

Success begins in your mind. You need to make a conscious commitment to learn new information. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool, technique or secret weapon that would help make learning easier?

What if you could do it with your eyes closed? Well you can by utilizing the power of your mind coupled with the power of technology.

Neuroscience delivers an important breakthrough

An extraordinary new tool, The Mynd Key can easily and quickly allow the user to generate Alpha and Theta brain waves and now more easily “get you into the zone” of focus and learning.

Utilizing the knowledge of how our brain synchronizes with the energy it is exposed very specific Light frequency and Sound frequencies (Binaural Beats) were explored and found that would generate Alpha and Theta brain waves. The term “frequency following response” is used to describe this affect. By using very specific light and sound frequencies the Mynd Key can quickly and easily allow the brain to relax into Alpha and Theta, as well as Delta and Beta.

Music and Guided Imagery has been added to the light and sound frequencies to further enhance the learning and transformational results of being in Alpha and Theta. The Mynd Key now makes reaching Alpha and Theta as easy as closing your eyes laying back and just relaxing. Let the transformation begin.

The Mynd Key gets you into the Zone (the Theta Brainwave state) using frequency following response technology that is coupled with expertly created audio programs by top experts and professionals in their fields.

The MyndKeyThe Mynd Key – is similar in size to an iPod but includes specialized glasses (where the light frequency is generated).  Simply select a recording layback, relax, close your eyes and allow the peaceful and calming voice along with the music coupled with the light and sound frequencies to carry you away on a beautiful journey.

Feel the calming effect as you clear your mind and just let go of all the noise and confusion of the day. Your body and mind are now working together to create a positive Mind-Set and at the same time your body is naturally relaxing and synchronizing with the frequencies of Alpha and then Theta.   The great thinkers of the world such as Einstein and Tesla understood the extraordinary benefits of this process and today’s top athletes and business professionals continue to benefit from “being in the zone” where they can learn new things, create new focus and direction and ultimately transform, improve and change their lives.

The Mynd Key can heighten your ability to learn and comprehend.

When the body relaxes several amazing Natural Changes occur:

  1. Excess Adrenaline and Cortisol is released (these are your Stress Hormones)
  2. Serotonin and Endorphins naturally increase up to 25% (these are your happy Hormones)
  3. Blood pressure is naturally lowered
  4. The body feels rejuvenated and refreshed
  5. The ability to fall asleep and sleep more soundly increases
  6. Learning while in Theta also increases retention

Have you ever been awaken by your clock/radio and had the song being played at that moment play over and over again in your head all day long?  And then amazingly the next day the song is gone.  How did that happen?

When you heard the song in the morning while you were passing through Theta just before you reached Beta your mind learned and retained the song.  That night while transitioning through Theta before reaching deep Delta Sleep your mind determined there was no value in retaining the song in your short-term memory and released it.

Theta is our peak learning state where we organized, sort, dismiss or retain information obtained during the day.  We pass through Theta for about 45 minutes every night just before we go to sleep and every morning just before we wake up.

So when you hear something in Theta you can actually learn and retain it more easily.  Have you ever heard a song in the morning when you are waking up and then have it plays in your mind over and over again during the. Because you heard the song while in Theta your brain saved it.  Then at night during the transition through Theta our brain organizes and flushes those things in its short-term memory it determines we don’t need.  So there goes that great lecture you attended.

Very simply the Mynd Key guides the user into Alpha then Theta so you can more easily learn and focus and retain the information you learned during the day.

The Mynd Key

Take charge of your mind by using the Mynd Key. Let Neuro Messaging help you to more easily learn and retain the information you want and need. Additionally you will be amazed at how much more energy and drive you have.