Return to the Light Meditation Series

By Veronica La Barrie

Audio Sample

These meditations are to free your mind and awaken strong and deep feelings within you; to take the restless, wandering, inquisitive mind and bring into the Light to settle down; to look on one another not in terms of form or behavior but in terms of your thoughts; to be a happy learner of the lessons Light brings to you; to think in terms of eternity and always listen to the wisdom of your soul; to release the inner strength you need to stand firm so that others around you can stand firm too; and to know that nothing can frighten you when you live in your natural state of love, light and wisdom; to count on the Light to enter into all of your experiences; to end the duality and transform your life and know that you are creator on an expanded level and your passage through time is temporary, but your ultimate destination is back to the Light from whence you came; to travel inward and hear the call of Light, Light, Light calling you home to your permanent residence of Light where you will draw out deeper resources you never suspected you had.

Track rtm01 – Soul Solace
This meditation will take you into the deeply comfortable and relaxing depths of the soul, where you touch the stillness that is divine, reminding you that Light – as you – is what you are. Light inside you is what you are. As you relax your mind, you will remember what has been stored in your memory: your true self is always still, even in the midst of chaos and confusion. As you travel the depths of your soul, you will recognize that from it flows beauty, love, goodness, gentleness, gratitude, patience, humility, honesty, generosity, joy, tolerance, compassion, and truth. Your soul is your true self that dwells within the body. Relax your mind and experience your soul. You are bringing to the surface the infinite wisdom that is within you.
Track rtm02 – Wisdom Speaks
Wisdom is the knowledge of God. You are no longer concerned with superficial knowledge, but more interested in tapping into the knowledge that lies within you. You will also let go of your intellectual concepts, and be open to immaculate concepts. This is where you come to the recognition that you are limitless in power: you are in a holy indivisible, undivided relationship with your true self. It is not based on separation and the physical body, but the individual expression of God. Having a universal relationship with yourself can only be discovered by looking within, and allowing wisdom to speak to you. Your desire is to have a life anchored in eternity, and to listen to the wisdom of your heart, where all things are right.
Track rtm03 – Heartfelt Healing
You are letting go of all that you have made, and opening your mind and heart to what has been given to you – your divine inheritance. You are exposing all your dark secrets to the Light and allowing the Light to heal all of your emotional wounds. You are not hiding pain and suffering, but gladly exposing it to the Light to be healed. You are keeping your mind clean, open, and washed of all past ideas. You are confident that this is a new beginning because you are coming in honesty to the source that gave you life. You will say: “I do not understand,” but then you will ask for help to learn the gentle lessons that life teaches you.
Track rtm04 – Gentle Guidance
You are taking time to rest frequently in the Light. You are allowing the Light to easily and gracefully direct your efforts, so you can fulfill your sacred contract as the Light of the world. The gentle have no pain – they live in the Light. You are choosing the wings of power because you are remembering your limitless abundance. Your part is not to use God, but allow God to use you, as you rest in your natural state of gentleness and grace. You learn that you cannot make it alone, and you do not need to. There is someone standing by with arms outstretched to wipe away all your tears, and turn all your heaviness into joy – easily and gently.
Track rtm05 – Careful Consciousness
This meditation will bring you to a greater awareness of what you are. As you release fears and choose Light that will fill your bloodstream and energize you, so you act from a consciousness of love and Light, and NOT react from a consciousness of fear. This is where you release your mind and reassure yourself of the reality that is you: your true self. In understanding what you are not, what you are emerges. There is only one question left to ask yourself: “What am I?” The answer to this question will put an end to all other questions, because you are releasing yourself and others from the bondage of illusions.
Track rtm06 – Truth Calling
In this meditation on your journey within, you will receive your daily bread of truth, as you remain open to receive. You will do this while remembering that truth is always certain of its messages. It will remind you that your single purpose is Light: to stop your projections and live in the present. You remember that truth does not change. You remember you are under no laws but the laws of Light, love and wisdom. You remember that no word of truth is ever lost. If you keep speaking words of truth, they will eventually take root in your life and you become that truth, because the spoken word produces vibration. All matter is vibration.

Truth is true. When you teach anyone that truth is true, you learn it with them, and so you learn that what seemed hardest is actually the easiest. You learn that it is impossible to deny the simple truth, for there is nothing else. Truth is a fact, and that is all you need to be concerned about. Your desire is to know the truth so you can live in freedom and joy.

Track rtm07 – Love is Reality
This is a reminder that love is reality, and YOU are reality, and reality does not change. It is changeless; unchanging and unchangeable; forever and forever. The reality of life is that “Love is all there is.” You remember that love is the quality of your consciousness, and reality is a quality or state of being real, and only what is loving is what is real. So if it’s not a loving thought, it’s not real. You learn that if you can love something today, and hate it tomorrow, it was never love. Love is not love if it turns to hate. You cannot be anything in reality other than what you already are. Identify with what is real and discover your true self: the reality that is you. There is no other, only you. Be yourself – not an illusion of yourself. Choose reality.
Track rtm08 – Soulful Softness
Your soul’s earthly journey is to wake up and remember what you are: the living Light. You cannot lose your soul, only your awareness of it. Travel lightly and fulfill your duties – in, with, and as the Light. You learn to practice using the resources of your soul that can be readily drawn upon when necessary. It is always at your disposal. There is no limit to its capacity. The soul is your true self that dwells within the body. Allow the Light to move softly upon the waters of your soul, bringing you into a deeper awareness of what you are. Allow your soul to fill you and direct your efforts. You are here as a soul designed to impart love, light and wisdom. Feeling is the language of the soul. Listen quietly to your heartbeat; it is the rhythm of your soul.
Track rtm09 – Truth That Transforms
You are transforming consciousness from darkness to Light. You are ending the separation and awakening from the dream, and remembering “That Which Does Not Change” (your eternal true self.) Where truth has entered, errors disappear. Without belief, they have no life. Without deception, there is no fear. Deception makes us fearful. By looking inward toward the Light, you will begin to recognize that all that you have been taught is deception. How do you overcome the deception? You wake up from the dream of pretending that life is external. You will come to the recognition by letting reason tell you it contradicts reality, and that the transformation of consciousness is the only thing worth doing. You are transmuting to a higher octave of Light. Truth that does not change is your freedom.
Track rtm10 – Incandescent Insights
This is a reminder that you are not here by some cosmic fluke. You came into this manifestation to represent Light. You are Light’s representative on the earth. You are using discernment; discernment is insight. It eliminates looking outside of yourself. You are beginning to see Light. You come to the realization that you are the indivisible entity that has a real existence; everything you look upon with physical sight is painful. You are reuniting with your Light body, and with the awareness that you have lost in third dimensional reality. You are melting the boundaries of your limited identity and merging with all of creation, because you are creation. You are refusing to stop your senseless wanderings on the rocky road you travel, and you are accepting the fact that you are Light eternally.
Track rtm11 – Ineffable Knowledge
You are recognizing what cannot be described or expressed by words: the ’Light force’ that you are. You are moving closer and closer to Light and realizing that the healing power of Light is limitless. You are detaching from the outer world and realizing that your knowledge of yourself teaches you where you came from and where you are going. You are not acknowledging distorted concepts. You are awakening to the full realization of what you are. You are letting go of all the trivial things that churn and bubble on the surface of your mind, and are reaching inward to the source of Light, where all knowledge lies. You are not allowing the thoughts of the world to hold you back. You are entering into Light because your deepest desire is to know yourself.
Track rtm12 – Enlighten-Up
As you go deeper into your mind, you are becoming lighter and more aware that you are a Light body. That is the blueprint that is available to you. You are only accepting Light and living in Light while recognizing that all the lamps were lit by the same spark. You are embracing simplicity and letting go of things that are non-essential. You are spending quiet moments with yourself and opening your mind to the Light’s correction. You are recognizing your excellence, your eternal innocence, and facing whatever comes at you with strength, courage, calmness, and understanding. You are not causing yourself trouble and anxiety by focusing on your own self-made thoughts. You are putting your attention on the thoughts of God and saving yourself trouble and anxiety. You are Lighting up.
Track rtm13 – Mind-Walk Meditations
You are taking a journey of self-discovery while walking slowly and confidently with lightened footsteps. You are paying formal visits to the source of Light that lives within the temple of Light. You are putting the golden rule into application and applying spiritual principles to everyday living. You are coming to a greater awareness that the consciousness of Light, love, and wisdom are not dependent on being anything other than what it is. Light and love eternal. You are taking the right action, because you are using your right mind in the right way. Right action is right intention, and intention is the determination to act from a consciousness of what you are – Light eternal.