Business Success Series

By Suzy Prudden

Audio Sample

Success begins in your mind. You need to make a conscious commitment to be successful. This program will help you to achieve your goals and eliminate the negative thinking and behavior that have kept you from accomplishing your objectives. Whatever your ambitions are for your business, they are obtainable. With business success, comes financial success and you can learn how to create your wealth through the power of your mind. Become trained in attracting the success you desire!

Track succ01 – Business Success
This process is designed to help you grow your business through the power of your mind. Packed with suggestions that cover everything you need to focus on to build a successful business, including “there’s gold in the phone,” this process helps you set goals, face the parts of the business you don’t love and master them, and build the business you want in the way you want it. This process is designed to help you overcome the habits and patterns that have limited you as a businessperson in the past and move you forward in the present.
Track succ02 – Business Success (succ01) ~ Double Voice
Track succ03 – Financial Success
Incredible as it may seem, your mind controls your ability to be financially successful. Men and women who grow rich build and maintain their wealth through the power of their minds. This process allows you to empower yourself to make and keep financial commitments that allow you to build and sustain wealth and success. It is designed to help you change the habits and patterns that have limited your success in earning and saving money and building wealth in the past and moves you forward to feeling that you deserve the wealth you attract in the present.
Track succ04 – Financial Success (succ03) ~ Double Voice
Track succ05 – MLM Business Success
Packed with suggestions for building your MLM (multi-level marketing) business, this process is a business strategy process designed to help you impact your bottom line through the power of your mind. Overcome any fears and phobias about using the phone, introducing yourself to strangers, and many more areas that most of us deal with when we do business.
Track succ06 – MLM Business Success (succ05) ~ Double Voice