Child-Like Creations Series

By Joan Marie Ambrose

Audio Sample

Joan Marie Ambrose has written a series of children’s books for the age group of 4 to 12 using angel-like characters called “Lit’l Messengers”. Each book focuses on its own theme that explains & encourages socially acceptable & value-based behaviors.

The author, Joan Marie Ambrose, has used the Power Angels Lit’l Messengers as mentors & superheroes to teach balance & harmony in everyday living to children. Success & inner balance comes from developing, practicing, & nurturing “basic common sense” qualities & values from the inside out.

Before purchasing, please be aware that these sessions
are between 5 and 10 minutes apiece.

Track palm01 – Angel Amitiel
This story is about a little girl named Lit’l Joanie that continually tells stories. Her parents have tried to tell her the difference between telling the truth and telling lies, but it wasn’t until she connected with Angel Amitiel and grandfather star that she finally heard the message and changed her ways.
Track palm02 – Angel Michael
Lit’l Joanie is afraid of the dark and doesn’t want to go to bed at night. But then she meets Angel Michael, the angel of protection. He shows her how she has nothing to fear because he is always there to help her and her friends.

Track palm03 – Angel Chamuel
The story includes Lit’l Joanie, her brother Chris, and their friends Rosa and Hamilton. The lesson in this book is about sharing and caring and expressing love to your friends.

Track palm04 – Angel Amarushaya
Lit’l Joanie meets her new friend Sam, who was just adopted by his parents. He teaches Lit’l Joanie all about the value of blessings and how to count them.