Golf Series

By Wade Pearse

Audio Sample

Have you ever stepped onto the first tee with your heart racing, and your mind scattered all over the place? Do you ever get angry while golfing and lose strokes? Do you get nervous and perform worse than you want to under pressure? Have you ever experienced performance anxiety or an inability to focus while on the golf course? If you’re ready to shoot the lowest scores of your life, and eliminate ALL of these crippling mental ailments, then you’re ready for the Golf Mental Game Mastery series.

WARNING: This series is not to be used by any golfer not ready to shoot their personal best scores this season!

The Mental Game Mastery Series is a true breakthrough golf mental game coaching program. Each session includes audio, video and an e-book. The audio, video and e-book combine to dial in your golf mind and make playing your best unconscious and effortless.

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Track gmg01 – Awakening Your Golf Mind
This session opens your mind and all of your senses to your full potential as a golfer. First off you want to dial your senses into playing your very best and lay the mental groundwork that sets the foundation for your mental mastery.

Take your time and allow the material to become a part of you. Make it yours. This way it won’t be something you “think about.” You’ll learn to “act from” the place that lets you play your best. This is the key to real and lasting change in your game.

Video I – Unlocking Your Mind – The Key to Your Potential
You’re coached on how to look at your mind properly and you’ll develop the awareness necessary for Minding YOUR Game.

eBook Section I – The Fundamentals of Mental Game Development – Learn how to open your mind to your potential. To use your mind at its peak you must first learn how to open it and keep it that way. This begins with understanding the 4 Stages of Learning and how to unlock your imagination. This is the first doorway to playing consistently great golf.

Track gmg02 – Building a Winner’s Mindset
What is a true winner’s mindset? How is one developed? What do the best players in the world think while they’re playing whether hitting the ball well or not? In this sessions you’ll learn the key perspective on thinking like a winner and you’ll experience it in your game the very next round.

Video II – The Foundation of Mental Mastery – You’ll learn how to use your full mind in your game not just half brained golf most people play. Most players live in their left brain and some float on the right. What if you could learn how to play Whole Mind Golf? This section guides you into using your mind properly, as it was designed to be used.

eBook Section II – Using Your Mind as it is Designed – You’ll acquire the mental skills of channeling your attention and mastering how to focus your mind. These simple but powerful mental processes change the way you play the game allowing you to free your mind to enjoy each shot, regardless of circumstances. You’ll also learn how beliefs are formed and what you can do to design new, more empowering beliefs for yourself and your game.

Track gmg03 – Dissolving First-Tee Jitters
Almost every golfer has experienced this nerve shattering, swing crippling problem. Finally there is a clear, simple process that will eliminate this from your game and have you walking calmly to the first tee. Focused, clear and relaxed with a sense of inner confidence just as if it was the 4th or 5th hole.

Video III – Unlocking Your Imagination & Building Belief –
Change your mind and change your game. You’ll be coached on how to gain access to your peak states, your best memories and channel them into your game to shoot lower scores. This will lead into the full pre-shot routine section in later sections where you’ll link all of your excellence into your pre-shot routine and play on auto-pilot: the zone.

eBook Section III – Finding Your Game, Where You’re Going & How to Get There! –
Golf doesn’t build character, it reveals it. In this section you’ll explore what you’re truly made of. You’ll learn how to eliminate anger from your game forever. Then you’ll use the Powerhouse Goal Achievement process and start setting specific goals to take your game as far as it can go. This process will get you fully connected and committed to reaching all of your goals.

Track gmg04 – The Slump Killer
This exercise literally dissolves your slumps. It will transform how you view slumps forever and, more importantly, end any slump you find yourself in! Yes, you can use this to end the yips!

Video IV – Preparation, Rhythm & Consistency – Learn techniques to mentally prepare for your rounds and/or tournaments. Develop the skill of setting your own personal rhythm on the golf course and keep it. This is a key to consistency. If you plan to play the best you can and to shoot the lowest scores you can you must master these processes.

eBook Section IV – The End of Nerves, Anxiety & Slumps – When was the last time you got nervous on the golf course? Have you ever experienced a slump? This section focuses on specific processes and exercises to eliminate these score crippling issues. You’ll also explore what winning really means to you. How do you relate to winning and how does this relationship affect your performance? These powerful insights transform how you look at winning and give you the perspectives that encourage the very best from your game in the critical moments.

Track gmg05 – Pre-Shot Routine
Every top player in the game has a well oiled pre-shot routine. This process allows you to hit the best shot possible and grounds you into your own state of personal excellence. The pre-shot routine is literally the launch pad for you playing your very best golf. I’ll walk you through designing the perfect routine for you.

Video V – Designing Your Personal Excellence – You’ll learn step-by-step how to apply and experience the Circle of Excellence and design the perfect pre-shot routine for you. Ultimately these will become one experience. Understand the relationship between the pre-shot planning stage and the pre-shot routine. Acquiring these strategies launch your game to a whole new level. Prepare to shoot the best scores of your life!

eBook Section V – “The Circle of Excellence” The Ultimate Pre-Shot Routine –
This is the culmination of Minding Your Game and taking everything to the golf course. The Circle of Excellence will have a tremendous impact on your ability to his the kinds of shots your dream of. To play the kind of golf you’ve always wanted to play. To perform to your highest capabilities, no matter your current skill level. This technique is so powerful aspects of it have been used by top athletes in every sport with phenomenal results.

Track gmg06 – Enter the Zone
This is the ultimate peak state for every golfer. Sadly though, most players never know what this state is or how to get there. It’s a fantasy and simply a nice idea for most golfers. Not for you! In this session you will delve deeply into creating your own flow state. You’ll truly feel the place where you play effortless golf and things happen with ease. You’ll experience that natural, effortless game you know is possible. Now it is.

Video VI – Putting it All Together – It’s Time to Go Low –
Learn how to use a post-shot routine and the between shot routine get the most out of your game and keep it in top shape throughout each round. This section contains a full coaching session on how to take your very best driving range swing to the golf course. This technique isn’t available anywhere else and will have you hitting better shots on the course than at the range! How good will this be to shooting consistently lower scores?!

eBook Section VI – Peak States, The Zone & Shooting the Lowest Scores of Your Life! – What is the zone, really? We’ve all heard the term and many of us have experienced it. Yet what if you had a way to consciously walk into your own zone and knew how to set the stage within yourself that allowed this to happen at will? In this section are Performance Tracking Sheets that you’ll use to monitor your progress. It will literally be a window into your own development as a player!