Global Theta Meditation

By Donna Aazura, C.Ht

Audio Sample

This is the first in a series, Donna Aazura and Sue Scudder’s, Global Theta® Meditation. The intention of this meditation session is to create compassion and a unified purpose toward world harmony. The guided meditation will be used to connect globally at designated times in a collective movement for WORLD PEACE.

Track gtm01 – Guided Global Theta Meditation
Donna Aasura takes you on a journey of your imagination through your mind and heart. You allow your magnificence to shine as you travel as one mind and one purpose to create a world of peace. You breathe the breath of life and you are one with life, one with the earth. You feel the love of the earth; you are one love, one heart, one life. You expand your heart light out and it flows all through and around you connecting you to the heart light of all life – going beyond earth, beyond the solar system; traveling in your mind to the outer regions of the universe to the Source Mind – the luminous light and place of infinite wisdom and endless possibility where only oneness exists. You are one with the Source Mind in this place. You see life in harmony and you connect to all aspects of the world, all life, all people and feel the joy. You are at peace.
Track gtm02 – Guided Global Theta Meditation Instrumental
Internationally recognized musician Sue Scudder’s introspective music has a simple, yet complex quality that will take you to a quiet place within. Her unique style of soft, healing music is used by therapists, healers and thought leaders.