Piano In Paradise Series

By Paul Lloyd Warner

Audio Sample

This music was created to help listeners in their healing process. Paul Lloyd Warner states: “At the time of this recording, I did not know I was making a CD album; it was simply a recording for a friend who was in need of some peaceful music. While playing the music, I realized that it was me, the artist, who was being healed by these sounds.”

The music is performed on an electronic keyboard with piano and soft ethereal strings in the background. What you hear is exactly what was recorded “Live” with no multi-tracking, sequencing, or over-dubbing.

Track pwpp01 – Piano In Paradise
Featuring: Piano In Paradise (23:26)
Track pwpp02 – Healing By Light
Featuring: Healing By Light (13:32)
Track pwpp03 – Night Healing
Featuring: Night Healing (25:18)