Zen Waterfall Series

By Paul Lloyd Warner

Audio Sample

The first known recording for Piano and Japanese Bamboo Flute (Shakuhachi), ZEN WATRFALL remains a meditation music classic that was recorded by Paul Lloyd Warner and Eliot Joshu in 1977. In Japanese culture, there is a sacred and honored tradition for the Shakuhachi. The revered makers of these traditional instruments cure hand-picked bamboo for several years until they are ripe and ready to fashion into a five hole flute.

The piano played in this recording is a handmade GROTRIAN piano from Germany. The combination of an exquisite European Grand Piano and haunting Shakuhachi instruments make ZEN WATERFALL one of the most beautiful meditation albums of our time.

Track pwzw01 – Zen Waterfall ~ Part 1
Featuring: Landscapes, Zephyr, Plexus, Knell and Montage (21:39)
Track pwzw02 – Zen Waterfall ~ Part 2
Featuring: Fainessence, Moonbow, Migrating Wings and Resolution (21:59)