The Art of Sales

By Eric Lofholm

Audio Sample

Eric Lofholm is a Master Sales Trainer with 17 years of experience in sales. He is also the world’s leading sales scripting expert.

Many sales professionals are struggling in a down economy. You will be taught proven strategies to help you increase sales. The quality of your sales presentation affects your ability to close sales. When you “wing” your presentation, you get “wing it” results. Learn how to create and deliver a persuasive, well delivered sales presentation. “Selling is 90% psychology.” This program will help with your focus, your motivation, and you will learn how to improve your salesmanship.

Track els01 – Learn to Embrace Sales
Eric Lofholm presented Make More Money Using
Sales Scripts at the 1209 CEOSpace Forum. In this
TGI process, Suzy Prudden has taken the major
points from the presentation and created this process
to give you a deeper understanding of the
importance of sales scripting, She also takes his
information and, through the relaxation process,
gives you the ability to access your own inner power
to write your own scripts, give better presentations
(even on the phone) and make more money.
Track els02 – Take Your Sales To a Higher Level (Part 1)
In this unique time in American Economic history,
Suzy Prudden takes the teachings of Eric Lofholm,
and gives you the tools you needs to be a sales
superstar. You will learn the Inner Game, the Outer
Game and the Action of selling. You will learn
Baseline Strategy and how to play a level 10 game
every day of your life. All this is given to your
subconscious mind while you list to the session and
when you awaken you will have greater self
confidence in selling than you ever dreamed
Track els03 – Take Your Sales To a Higher Level (Part 2)
A continuation of “Take Your sales To a Higher Level Part 1”, you will learn additional techniques of modeling. Eric Lofholm holds nothing back in this session, giving you incredible tools. Combined with the power of TGI, you will realize and utilize your sales potential. (Narrated by Suzy Prudden)
Track els04 – Asking for Money
In this powerful TGI session, you will access and train your other than conscious mind to become the salesperson you have always imagined yourself to be. You will learn new and exciting ways to easily ask for the sale and make the close. (Narrated by Suzy Prudden)