Transform Stress & Difficult Times

By Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

Audio Sample

This series is a collection of simple practices, stories and reflections to help you manage stress, difficult times and even create a new balance in your life. Each exercise is short and easy to apply. Each session is meant to be used as needed and in whatever order serves you best. Some sessions will provide good food for thought, while others will become daily tools. Find which ones work best for you and make a commitment to use them often!

Track jet01 – What Do You Feed – The Hyena and The Song Bird
This short story and reflection helps us to see the power of choice and the simple ways we can change behavior.
Track jet02 – The Executive Breath
This powerful and simple technique can help you to manage strong emotions, high stress, or moments of reaction. Its short and very effective.
Track jet03 – Ending Worry – The Story of Old Coyote
This story and reflection helps us to understand how to change our relationship to our judgments and worries.; it shows the power of our mindset in shaping our experiences.
Track jet04 – B.BIG! (A Daily Practice)
This is a practice you could use to start or end your day, it focuses the mind, calms the body and will help set you mindset.
Track jet05 – Truly Troubled Times – The Story of the Mustard Seed
This timeless story helps us to reflect on the impact of grief and loss in our lives and how to cope
Track jet06 – The Barefoot Meditation
This interesting and powerful visualization will show you a surprisingly quick way to calm yourself and come back to your center.
Track jet07 – Maintaining Balance – Managing Stress
A few thoughts and suggestions on creating balance in daily life.
Track jet08 – A Guided Meditation
A simple and effective technique for relaxing, managing difficult times, or even as a regular spiritual practice.