A Master

By Andre Panet-Raymond

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Golfers who recognize the importance of always improving concentration, tolerating stress, and increasing confidence will love this golf mental game guide. Experience yourself more relaxed, with your short putts, smoother and better distance control with your chipping, and with more confidence during thirty yard pitch shots. Feel the focal power that you direct toward a specific target with undivided attention. With ease, you can create confidence at will. Experience “Conscious Confidence”, a well understood technique that physically strengthens your body for several moments while you perform. Feel your driver swing with great tempo as you visualize yourself piping it down the fairway.

Master ten golf mental game skills. We know that there are three core skills that ultimately answer all golf mental game questions. These are the skills of Confidence, Focus, and the ability to Tolerate Stress. This core skill set is impacted by the other seven skills which include: Acceptance, Patience, Anger, Belief, Perception, Ownership, and Optimism. This golf mental game guide walks you through the eight creative visualization journeys methodically. The ten golf mental game skills were derived from scientific testing and measuring. Data reveals that these ten specific skills positively make up more than 90% of your golf mental game. We have taken out the guess work. Elevate your golf mental game. Enjoy the ride!

Track amg01 – Presence
The buzz word is “PRESENCE”. Two key mental skills for presence include patience and acceptance. These keeps the golfer on an even keel and help you to stay in the moment, which is ultimately “THE ZONE”. The development of these key dimensions of the mental game directly impact your ability to focus and to tolerate stress. This session is designed to keep the player oxygenated and in the peak performance zone. It subconsciously keeps you from being distracted by a bad situation or a bad shot which tends to lead the golfer away from the present moment and the task at hand.
Track amg02 – Potential
Your potential grows with the way in which you think. What you believe, subconsciously, is the golden key. We know the commonality between all the great golfers; it starts with their self identity and belief system which is synonymous with their potential. Let us program your other than conscious mind with these same beliefs to increase your potential. This session is loaded with positive affirmations, specifically designed to impact the major areas of your golf game.
Track amg03 – Perception
99% of all golfers think that they are better than they actually are. That line of thinking negatively impacts course management and erodes one’s confidence. Let us help you to develop your perceptions with specific evaluation methods programmed into your subconscious mind. You will find yourself developing your golf skills in an organized manner, and knowing what your true abilities are with a variety of golf shots. Ultimately, this session will empower you consciously and unconsciously, impacting your overall confidence and course management.
Track amg04 – Confidence
State Confidence (Conscious) and Trait Confidence (Unconscious) are the two types of confidence that we possess. “Trait Confidence” is your general poise and the overall level of confidence that you exude daily. It is developed from birth and is basically a product of your environment and experience of daily life. The way in which your parents, siblings, and friends spoke to you, about you, and with you, all play a major part of one’s “Trait Confidence”. The second type of confidence, “State Confidence”, is a wavering consciousness that can come and go in an instant. This type of confidence is what we develop for you in this program and call it “Conscious Confidence” because it is able to be turned on at will. The biggest challenge that one experiences in sport, regarding “State Confidence”, is that it is mostly present following positive results or memories. For example, one’s state confidence for a golf shot might be higher than normal after s/he had just previously experienced a successful shot. The problem often lies in the ability to create and feel confidence that is needed after a poor shot or experience! Several faulty shots in a row can quickly erode one’s “State Confidence”. However, once the player knows how to simply empower themselves consciously, regardless of past results, the benefits of “State Confidence” (Conscious Confidence) are available and make a difference in performance on many levels. Drop this form of empowerment into your subconscious mind and see how it directly impacts your performance, physical strength, your ability to concentrate and how well you tolerate stress.

Track amg05 – Focus
Focus is one of the three core fundamentals in the mental development model. This session trains your brain to be target oriented and find your quiet zone. It is a guided journey to experience the bene?ts of being present to your heart-centered energy field. It awakens your Will Power and sharpens your Target Awareness Skills. Lastly, you will Creatively
Visualize yourself performing various shots, drills, and exercises repetitively, with complete focus and
Track amg06 – Stress Tolerance
Everyone know the benefit of being able to relax at will. Relaxing unconditionally is the real secret and we do it with our technology! Your ability to tolerate stress develops with each breath you take and with each moment of pure focus and concentration. This session takes you to a place of consistent breathing and minimized thought. You are becoming a Master At Tolerating Stress.
Track amg07 – Control
Having trouble finding enough time to practice and play? Who doesn’t? Time is money. What will you pay for the control that you want with your golf game? Hogan once said, “The secret lies in the dirt”. What did he mean by this? He meant that you have to dig up and discover your personal swing solutions during practice. This session will have you raising your level of self determination, owning your game and creating more opportunity for practice and play.
Track amg08 – Optimism
Optimism is surely a mental game skill to master because it permeates the other nine skills in the golf mental game. It is a key element to getting in the zone. Your ability to spin any negative situation into a positive perspective keeps you closer to the zone. It will eliminate growing memories of bad shots and results so that they do not unexpectedly enter your mind just prior to executing a shot. This positive attitude completes the mental game model and is the glue that unites and holds all the other mental game skills together