Less Stress

By Michael Grady

Audio Sample

Stress is the most pervasive malady of our time. The effects on our health, productivity and quality of life are more devastating than most people care to admit.

TGI can help you see yourself as the healthy, happy, optimistic person you’d prefer to be. With this new image, your fears and frustrations fade away, your anxiety vanishes, and you no longer let small things stress you.

Track srm09 – Using Chi Energy to Clear Blockages in the Body
In this session, you will be guided through a process to build up chi energy in your body and use it to clear the blockages that have been built up by stress and negative thoughts. You will be taught a specific breathing technique that will build chi energy in your body, and you will use this energy to clear out the blockages. Over time, we have forgotten how to properly breathe and this is one of the causes of added stress and disease. Utilizing chi energy to decrease the stress that you have, you will find yourself more energized during the day with a clear mind; and your body will be more restored, healthy and revitalized. You will continue to reduce stress at a level you never thought possible, and you will have mental clarity and better well being.
Track srm10 – Complete Chakra Cleansing
You will utilize the chi breathing technique of the previous session “Using Chi Energy to Clear Blockages in the Body” to expand more on this process. Using the physical body’s center of gravity located in the abdomen – the Dantien, you are going to build up chi energy to clear your chakras – the 7 power points of life or energy force in your body. It is the essence of life that you are breathing in and you are using the energy of the air to it’s highest degree. When using the dantien, the energy is drawn in from the air and pulled through your body; and it can dissolve any negativity in the body with no effort at all. You use this breathing technique to clear your chakras and open up the channels so you can have energy flowing through them; allowing the connection of each chakra to become like a well paved highway.
Track srm11 – The Mental Massage
This session guides you through a process to give your body a mental massage. It will be as if you were receiving a massage from a professional masseuse; you visualize and imagine every body part being massaged. The further you go into this visualization process, the more the mental massage will take place within your mind and body, relieving all the stress, feeling the energy and warmth of the massage. As you breathe rhythmically, you scan your body and place awareness to its different parts, allowing this process to induce a very relaxed state. The more you gain control of your mind and body, you allow the sensations to increase your awareness, and your ability to relax will increase each and every time you listen to this session.
Track srm12 – Creating Your Stress Free Future
In this session, you are going to focus on future situations that could come up and be stressful; and by taking control of the stress when it surfaces, you are able to take control of your life. Your brain can choose any thought that you want to think at any moment in your life; you can choose to experience any feeling you would like to create right now. When you have control of your thoughts, you can set your future to be stress less by trusting in the process, knowing you can take 100% control of everything that happens to and around you. You know that when a situation comes up, everything works out to your ultimate advantage because you choose it to be. You can expand on this new powerful approach to your life, knowing you can create what you want to feel, as you create your new reality.