Confidence in Public Speaking

By Dave Van Hoose

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Dave Van Hoose started from the back of his truck and in four years built his last company with 100+ employees and over million in revenue. This accomplishment landed him at No. 35 on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies.

Considered the top closer in the country, he has mastered the art of persuasion from the platform through 3000+ presentations and has taught his secrets to many other speakers to dramatically increase their closing ratio. As an Arena Bowl (XVII) World Champion Dave knows what it takes to motivate world class people to take them to the next level.

Dave is part of the dream team of the 7 Figure Speaking Empire; Industry insiders know them as the secret weapon quietly working behind the scenes with some of the world’s most sought after speakers, gurus and information marketers. Over the years, they have helped companies and individuals create millions in additional revenue by causing back of the room buying frenzies and floods of server crushing online orders. Combined they have over 25 years of experience in the seminar industry, filling rooms for over 2000 live events, delivering over 3000 presentations, selling millions from stages and on the Internet.

Track dv01 – Confidence for Public Speaking
As you go deeper into relaxation and listen to
Dave’ls words, you will be given powerful
affirmations and visualizations to assist you in
becoming a confident public speaker. Your mind is a
perfect computer and employing self-talk 28
strengthens you and makes you a better speaker.
You will talk to yourself anyway and it is much
better to put powerful commands in your
mind/computer. You allow these powerful beneficial
ideas and concepts to make a deep and lasting
impression in your subconscious mind never to be
removed and always to be recalled the moment you
say the word POWER. The word POWER is a
trigger in your mind, in your subconscious that gives
you the energy, the clearness, the opportunity to be
powerful. You feel more confident knowing you can
be a powerful communicator anytime you give a
presentation. You are an amazing public speaker.