The Mental Side of Hockey for Youth Series

By Jason Woolley

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The TGI “Mental Side of Hockey for Youth” program is a 10 motivational session program that focuses on the users “mental skill development”; helping them, through guided
visualizations, to visualize their goals with increased clarity. Studies prove that athletes who successfully employ visualization techniques consistently excel.

This TGI program is easy, relaxing, and will help to improve personal performance in both academics and athletics. Coaches, kids and hockey parents are fast becoming fans of the program.

“Winning happens in your mind first; believing in yourself and visualizing your goals works” -Jason Woolley

Michelle Obama’s PSA on Youth Hockey

Track mhm01 – The Winning Mindset; Your Path to Success
Establishing a strong winning mindset early on in hockey is critical to the future success of your game. Your outlook and attitude plays an important role. TGI will help you to understand how to develop, to access, and to integrate your winning mindset. A strong winning mindset will help you to shift and focus yourself quickly, and effectively, during your game. The winning mindset IS the path to your success.

Track mhm02 – Losing; Turning Your Loss into a Win
After a loss, your focus and confidence, individually, and as a team, can be shaken. The goal of this TGI session is to help you to re-focus your thinking and feelings around the loss quickly. TGI will help you to do this by encouraging you to pull from those losses, an individual or team lesson that can immediately be applied in a positive way to the next game. Turning a loss into a win is a decision you make, a decision to transform the loss into something positive, something useful, rather than carrying the loss as simply a burden.
Track mhm03 – Team Player; Achieving the Common Goal
Hockey is not an individual sport, and to have a strong cohesive and productive team, you must be prepared to be an enthusiastic and dedicated team player – always! This TGI session will help you to develop and share the greatest parts of what you can offer your team. Achieving the Common Goal is about your commitment to the team, to the game and to the win.

Track mhm04 – Game Day; Pulling it all Together
In all sports, game day is a critical time when you expect the most from your body. To achieve that, you must also use the power of your mind. Pulling it all together is about getting yourself “mentally ready” for the game. Playing with laser focus, eliminating all distractions, and visualizing yourself playing great hockey, visualizing yourself winning. Listening to this TGI session will prepare your body to follow your mind towards your goal – winning.
Track mhm05 – Practice; Sharpening Your Skills
Good practice habits are the cornerstone to playing great hockey. Practicing with the right attitude and work ethic is what it takes to achieve success. These are concepts that every player needs to carry into their practices. Using this TGI session you will be encouraged to demonstrate a commitment of working hard, arriving to practice with a positive and productive attitude and learning the importance of really sharpening your skills.
Track mhm06 – Focus; Performing in the Zone
Focus is one of the main ingredients of a successful hockey player. What we focus on, we create. In this TGI session, “Performing in the Zone” was designed to help further develop and strengthen your focus and concentration. When you use the power of your mind to visualize yourself performing your best; you will be building and strengthening the muscle memory in your body to do just that – perform in the zone.

Track mhm07 – Pressure; Turning Pressure into Power
Pressure can come from many sources; good or bad, and can cause you to lose confidence and trust in your abilities to play well. This can negatively impact your game. By turning pressure into power, you will master the ability to maintain focus despite all the outside pressures. Your subconscious mind can be programmed to resist the distractions of pressure and use it to motivate you in a positive way. This will give you more mental and physical power over your game. Maintaining power, under pressure, is what all great athletes want to achieve.
Track mhm08 – Mental Toughness; the Making of a Champion
When you are mentally tough you are able to handle all different kinds of stress or pressures that may affect your game or your team. You are able to control your emotions and feelings with maturity and wisdom; learning from all hockey experiences. In this TGI session, you will be encouraged to further develop and strengthen this state of mind so that you can rise to all occasions, clear and focused, and thrive. Being mentally tough is the hallmark of a champion.
Track mhm09 – Playoff & Tournament Hockey; Taking Your Game to the Next Level
This TGI session on Playoff and Tournament hockey is designed to make you fully aware of the preparation that is critical as you begin your season’s playoffs or when your team participates in competitive league tournaments. During this time you will be expected to be performing at your peak; staying physically strong, mentally focused on your goals and being fully prepared are absolutely necessary. Being physically and mentally prepared is the only way to take your game to the next level.

Track mhm10 – Off Season; How to Pace and When to Peak
The off season offers a chance to get away from the rigors of the hockey season but requires you to create a new plan that will have you ready when it’s time to begin pre-season workouts. Maintaining the well established mind/body connection is very important and visualizing your goals in your mind will help you reach them. Reflection upon your last games and the visualization of what you want to improve and where you want to be next season will be in the forefront. Your off season must be paced allowing you to peak at the right time, ready to show improvement. Using this TGI session will assist you to become motivated and ready to perform.