In the Zone

By Jeffrey Howard

Audio Sample

Jeffrey Howard takes you on a magnificent journey connecting with your greatest resource – your wondrous and amazing mind. You are taken to powerful places for you to explore – the inner depths of your mind, as you are gently guided into the various states of being in the zone. You let go of frustrations, worries and sense of distraction, as you focus on your breath and the sound of his voice, while allowing the music, sound and light technology of these TGI sessions to guide you into a new state of focused awareness – your ideal brain wave state for this creative visualization experience.

In this deep state of focused relaxation, you open your mind to new ideas and concepts, as you choose to let go of limiting thoughts, limiting beliefs and actions you have carried with you from the past. You are integrating the knowledge and feelings of your process and are ready to take these new steps in your life with infinite possibilities. You stay completely aware and follow the trail as new ideas and thoughts develop in your mind about how to be more productive with you time, energy and your personal genius. Your brain is able to store and process more information faster than the most powerful super computer and you can call on this genius at will anytime you choose and know you will have the answers that you seek.

Give yourself this gift of inner peace and special time for you that you deserve. Take this time for you to rejuvenate, heal, recharge and energize your body, your mind, your health and wellbeing. Breathe deeply into the music and allow it to permeate into your being. At the end of your journey, you return to your fully conscious awake state and enter back into room awareness. Your journey has embedded your mind with new thoughts, new ideas and new concepts and created a shift in your life.

Track jhz01 – The Zone of Action
In this process you will discover a new way to motivate yourself into action – inspired action. You will be guided into a state of being in the zone of action. You know that right inspired action will achieve your goals and desires. You will learn a process to become clearer about your next action, learning to be more efficient and effective. This simple process that keeps you connected to your deep inner guidance is called VIBE into Action. You will develop your power of clarity further by connecting with this process for staying in this powerful zone of action. VIBE is an acronym for Vision, Intention, Belief and Expectation. You have the power to take action – get ready to take your VIBE into the action process.
Track jhz02 – The Zone of Balance and Harmony
You will be guided through a process that will allow you to explore the inner depths of your mind, as you relax and balance your body. You will practice a form of breathing deeply and breathing out slowly that is a form of Yoga breathing and duplicates your body’s natural relaxation response, relieving stress and giving you time to simply relax into this balancing and harmonizing process. You become more aware of the deep connection with your spiritual essence, the Source of who you really are. Being out of balance and harmony lowers our conscious connection to our source energy and we no longer perform at our peak potential. Restoring balance and harmony gives you a sense of inner peace and inner power – your true power within.
Track jhz03 – The Zone of Cash Flow and Wealth
You will be guided into the state of being in the zone of cash flow and wealth creation. Focusing your thoughts, balancing your energy, and increasing your connection to your cash flow, leads you to your wealth. You will learn to train your mind, align and rewire your brain, as you become more effective in attracting money opportunities, ideas, and the right people to help you create your wealth, while learning to make better decisions about your money. The place to start with creating cash flow into wealth strategy is in your mind. Using your new mantra – money flows to me easily and effortlessly; I receive money constantly from expected and unexpected places; you become a powerful Manifestor as you create your abundantly prosperous life.
Track jhz04 – The Zone of Communication
Communication is at the core of everything we do and what we become in our lives. The most successful people of all time were great communicators. By increasing your communications skills, you will learn to train your mind as you become a more effective communicator. Effective communication is at the core of your personal and business success. Effective communication is a skill you can learn and improve with practice. It has a vital role in the life you create with yourself; it begins with your self-talk, what you think, sets the wheels in motion for the outcome of what you experience in your life. How you communicate and convey ideas with others determines the quality of your relationships. Your relationships feed every element of your life – personal and business.
Track jhz05 – The Zone of Creativity
Discover a new way to consistently inspire a deeper level of creativity in your life, your work and in solving day-to-day challenges as they arise. Your ideas, thoughts, inspirations, and imaginings all come from a higher place – you may call it your higher power, subconscious, infinite intelligence, collective consciousness or you may call this God. Whatever you choose to call it, your creativity is enhanced and expanded by connecting with this more relaxed, aware and focused state, as you move into the zone of creativity. Never before in history has creativity had so many possible outlets with the current technology giving us the ability to enhance, expand and express your creativity through virtually any form. You are creating a brilliant future, bringing creative processes into tangible form.
Track jhz06 – The Zone of Deep Relaxation
You are guided on this fantastic journey as you move into the zone of deep relaxation, through a process that will allow you to connect with and relax every part of your body, mind and spirit. You allow yourself to completely relax, taking deep cleansing breaths, as you move through your body for complete relaxation, letting go of tension, any sense of uneasiness that you feel emotionally, physically or mentally. Negative thoughts and emotions drift away, as you relax deeper and deeper with every breath cycle. You breathe in power, focus and relaxation and breathe out anxiety and fear. You become more deeply aware of your body; even in this relaxed state, your mind is open, awake and alive. You are feeling more connected as you breathe deeply allowing yourself to simply be in this relaxed state.
Track jhz07 – The Zone of Focus
Awareness is your primary key to focus by becoming aware of the movement of your thoughts and bringing those thoughts and actions back in the direction you choose. You have the power to be at your most productive in thought and action while you are in a focused and relaxed state of awareness. Your mind is an amazing tool and your power of focus is one of your strongest allies in business and in your personal world, whether used as a meditative tool to control your thoughts or a productivity tool to keep you on track. The first rule of focus is wherever you are, be there. Practice your awareness as you continually bring your thoughts and actions back into the zone of focus on your intended outcome of action.
Track jhz08 – The Zone of Genius
Using the magic and power of your magnificent mind, you are discovering a new way to connect to your inner genius. By going into the inner depths of your mind, you are guided into a state of being in the zone of genius. This is a journey of inner discovery about yourself, as you learn new ideas that will connect you with the power of your brain – your deeper mind, your inner genius. You enter into this deep state of mental clarity allowing your brain to process faster, understand and remember everything you hear and feel, as you open your mind to new ideas and concepts. The profound power of asking the right questions is an ongoing part of being connected with your own personal genius. Ask yourself this magical, powerful question – why am I so brilliant?
Track jhz09 – The Zone of Health and Healing
As you relax and balance your body, you move into your ideal state of being in the zone of health and healing. Your most powerful tool for health and healing is your marvelous and infinite mind. Your body replenishes, rejuvenates and cleanses itself constantly without your having to think one conscious thought about it. Whether you are in good health and desire to maintain or improve that state, or whether you are experiencing a physical, mental or emotional challenge that requires more attention, how you communicate with yourself, with inner faith, and belief will have a dramatic effect on your desired outcome. Remarkable results and miraculous healings happen every day. Anything is possible and you are now open to all possibilities as your first step to a healthier, happier and more balanced life.
Track jhz10 – The Zone of Imagination
Your imagination is a most powerful tool that can take you places that you might otherwise never reach. Einstein said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited to all we know now and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Imagination can take you to places that the logical and analytical part of your mind would never think to visit or explore. You control this process of deep inner exploration into the world of your vivid, wonderful, colorful and limitless imagination. Your thoughts are alive and ready to come to life in the material world as you focus your attention and energy on those thoughts. What you focus on and where you take your thoughts is the reality that you create for yourself.
Track jhz11 – The Zone of Productivity
In this session, you will discover new ways to create higher performance levels in your life and in your work day that will help you increase your focus and productivity. Ask yourself, what are the distractions that interrupt and pull you away from important activities? Release those distractions and replace them with new habits, new ideas, and new ways of staying focused and productive, as you accomplish more in your day, do it more efficiently, and create more free time for yourself. The simplest way to be more productive, is respecting your own time. You are empowered as you get more done faster, releasing the stress of distraction and procrastination and creating more time and freedom for yourself while you doing what you like to do. You deserve to be in the zone of productivity.
Track jhz12 – The Zone of Super Learning
You will take a fantastic journey and be guided into the zone of super learning, as you open your mind to learn and create this new experience. This is a discovery about yourself, as you learn new ideas that will connect you with the power of your incredible brain and your highest levels of super learning, memory, and creative mental processing. You have the power to be at your highest power and purpose, as you connect with your inner guidance; and you have the power to be at your highest level of motivation and action in this deeply focused and relaxed state. As you enter into this deep conscious state of focus, clarity, memory and super learning, you are allowing your mind to open and blend both sides of your brain – helping you to retain more information and process it more quickly and creatively. Journey into the zone of super learning and recognize your own genius, as you connect with super learning.