The Healing Breath Sessions

By Stuart Lovett

Audio Sample

This Healing Breath™ / Attunement Guided Meditation Session combines (1) divine naming, (gland/Spirit i.e., pineal/Love – pituitary/Truth – thyroid/Life – thymus/Purification – pancreas/Blessing – adrenals/Single Eye – gonads/New Earth), (2) wording and (3) tone which instruct you (through invitation) to connect with YOU (your higher self). Healing Breath™ / Attunement Meditation Sessions offer the radiant expression of “Whole Being.” Each of our endocrine glands have divinely unique physiological and energetic purpose. As such, these glands serve as gateways through which you and I together may work energetically and successfully to create the results you desire. This Meditation offers you a divine tool, indeed, a perfect vehicle for resonation with Source so that you may relax into YOU! Prepare to unite with the divine design, easily and gracefully through the magical doorway of your very own healing breath.

Track sl01 – Healing Breath 1
Track sl02 – Healing Breath 2