Dale Bach’s Prayers

By Dale Bach

Audio Sample

Three prayers for Health, Courage, and Meditation.

Track dbm01 – Awakening Health and Abundance
Connect to the profound Source that always has more than enough in this purifying TGI experience. Here we travel inside to find and release any blocks keeping you from radiant health and abundance. Embrace your True Potential for joy and vitality, and know all your needs are met. Connect to your own Divinity with absolute knowing and conviction, in every cell of your body.
Track dbm02 – Awakening Courage
A journey into the hidden reserves of your inner-strength, this TGI experience is a powerful reminder of the potential you hold beneath the surface. Enter into the unique state of being relaxed and energized. Release the fear of failure, opening the door to success – activate Divine Presence, and receive the gift of exponential freedom to act, now!
Track dbm03 – Awakening Meditation
Enter into a relaxing state anchoring peace, trust, and awareness in your body-mind-spirit. In this TGI experience, you can identify destructive emotions and surrender them to Love with power and authority. Know the truth and be set free!